Sunday, January 5, 2014

21 Day Challenge P90X3 for Women

Have you ever joined a competition or challenge? Maybe it was with a group or maybe it was just you and against yourself.

I've started many new habits, challenges, ideas --- some worked WELL and some totally flopped.

I've given things my all, and I gave some things less than half effort.

and what I've found is this…

When you look at the entire staircase it can be overwhelming, intimidating, scary and a lot to take on!

But if you can F O C U S your energy on one step a time… anything is possible.

That's just it… one step at a time with laser focus. And I'm going to hold you accountable to those goals… It takes 21 days to build a habit, are you ready to build one and have it stick?

Sounds simple right? Exactly, which is exactly why I'm INVITING you into my 21 Day Bombshell Fit Challenge… here's the deets:

What is it exactly?

The 21 Day challenge is pretty self explanatory… it's a 21 days! Alright, there's a bit more to it. It's held in a PRIVATE Facebook group with about 10-12 women total participating in a fitness focused challenge. We'll share recipes, before photos, check in daily, motivate one another, goal setting, time management, I'll give you my personal meal plan (which helped me lose 15lbs and lean out), you will personally check in with me once a week with accountability pictures, a food log and your weeks goals, and MUCH more! Constant support!

Who can join?

Any of my REGISTERED CUSTOMERS << or any new customers who do NOT have a Beachbody coach already (however, if your coach isn't active and/or helping you with your goals, please message me and maybe we can get the ball rolling).

If you found me via Instagram, Pinterest, FB, etc. you are more than welcome to join!

So basically anyone and everyone is welcome! =)

When does it start?

I will be starting a new 21 day challenge every month, please contact me for upcoming dates! The next challenge begins Jan 20, 2014!

What do I need?

> Positive attitude and willingness to SWEAT << We're strong, capable women who are going to kick ass!

> SPECIFIC and ACTION ORIENTED GOALS ( 'I want to lose weight' is not an acceptable goal, lets get specific--how much? by when? whats your goal body? goal weight?)

> A Beachbody program (please do not purchase through craigslist or other sites like Ebay << I offer the groups for free, but I ask that you have a REAL Beachbody program) of your choice that you will commit to for 21 days!

> Shakeology HD << NOT a requirement, but highly suggested if you want LEGIT RESULTS! NOTE: If you are not on Shakeology HD you have access to the group for 21 days, but after that the group is for Shakeology HD customers only because it takes commitment to nutrition if you want even better results << you cannot out exercise a bad diet! Trust me, I tried, I failed.

> a FB account: If you are on Facebook please FRIEND REQUEST ME >>
*if you do not have a FB account, but want to work with me one on one please send me an email at and make me your official coach here!

How can I join and get in touch with you?

You can either email me at if you want one on one coaching
Fill out my 21 Day Challenge FORM << click me! Fill that out and I will be in touch!

So whatcha waitin' for girl?! Those weights aren't going to lift themselves! Let's get FIT!


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