Saturday, January 4, 2014

P90X3 Womens Test Group

Let's talk body image for a sec… how many of you think you have a WARPED view of how you see yourself? I know I did… I've been on both ends of the spectrum. When I was 20lbs heavier than I am now, I didn't realize that I had some LBs to lose, I honestly thought I was in shape. UNTIL I decided to go for a run, and quickly came to the conclusion that 1/4 of a mile is too soon to be THAT out of breath. Anyone feel me? I need Ryan Gosling waiting at the other end if I'm gana be knees to chest high tailing it. 

I've also been on the other end, in great shape but I just wasn't satisfied with what I saw. I had become slightly obsessed… I'm not talking crazy where I would analyze every calorie consumed or burned (that is no offense to you that count, I've seen people who count obsessively and that is what I'm referring to, don't get all worked up!! ) to the point where I couldn't enjoy myself. But I was scrutinizing some of the things that make me..ME! Like that fact that I may have a traffic jam booty, and shorter more muscular legs, and that I've got a long torso and what I call upper ab blocks.

Honestly, the things I use to not particularly like about myself, I 100% embrace now. Dat ass? Squats are my best friend. Short legs--BBL makes them look longer, and hey so does lunging. And sure, abs can be the hardest muscle to get sometimes, but I'm totally happy with them. No more standing in front of the mirror and picking myself apart until I'm miserable. No more jumping on the scale each morning and hoping it would go down. and NO MORE depressed shopping trips because a 00 doesn't fit. I'm cool with my size 3/5. I've got curves, and I'm proud! 

Too many of you beautiful women go around hating on the things that make you unique and gorgeous inside and out. Stop the HATE, embrace the L O V E. I had to put the WORK mentally and physically to find a happy balance among a healthier lifestyle and a healthier body image. And I want to help YOU do the same. It's time more women start seeing themselves as VICTOR not VICTIM. Your body is where you will spend your life, might as well learn to love it for all the amazing things it can do right? So lets get to it!

If you want to follow my journey go here > 

BUT... if you want to embark on YOUR OWN journey and get some amazing#p90x3results (I'm gunning for some obliques  )AND be apart of my 21 day challenge, then click here>>

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Oh, and if you're worried that you'll "bulk" and turn into a she hulk, fear not--I"ve done P90X TWICE and plenty of other "bulky" workouts. If your purse weighs more than your weights, girl we gotta problem! And that's where I come in ;-)

So whatcha waiting for? LETS GO!

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