Monday, August 12, 2013

Eat 5 Small Meals a Day

So I'm sure you have known you're suppose to eat breakfast, lunch and dinner right? What about those meals or snacks in between? Whats the difference between a meal and snack? What time should I eat?

5 Rules to LOOK and FEEL GREAT

My personal rules for eating right and feeling great! 
**I eat every 2 1/2-3 hours on the DOT-- as should you! My eating times are about 7am, 9:45/10am, 1pm, 4pm, 6:30/7! 

1. Get up at a REASONABLE hour (sorry but sleeping in everyday isn't reasonable unless you work the night shift or have a zillion kids) and drink two glasses of water (16oz total) RIGHT AWAY. WHY? Because it wakes up that metabolism, flushes your system (ew poop... hey be happy to poop!), rehydrates your body and those organs, and makes you look AWAKE. 

2. Ditch the morning coffee unless its black or green tea and go for a walk or do a quick cardio sesh in your living room! I'd rather take my mat to yoga and get all namaste but pick your routine! check out free yoga apps on your phone--meditate and calm your mind before the day gets crazy (even if its cardio, it can still peace the mind and center your day, plus a quick cardio or stretch can start up that fat loss burn!)

3. Set alarms on your phone to remind yourself to eat at the RIGHT TIMES. You should be eating every 2 1/2-3 hours while drinking water through out your day. * I LOVE doing this!

4. Have healthy snacks that need no prep work on hand and ready to go if you are about to leave and run errands (see below for ideas)

5. Don't shop hungry... that's a no brainer. Going to the grocery store hungry is like taking a recovering shopaholic to a trunk sale. It doesn't end pretty and those brownie bites will find a way in. 

1. Breakfast--DO NOT... I repeat...DO NOT SKIP BREAKFAST. Weight loss and looking fabulous 101. Breakfast is the bomb, and you need it. 
Breakfast ideas: 
  • Chobani Greek Yogurt with two pieces of Ezekiel toast and jam
  • 2 eggs with 2 pieces of toast and steamed kale or spinach
  • Shakeology with PB, banana and almond milk
  • Healthy French Toast 
  • Fresh fruit bowl pico de gallo style (pico de gallo--fresh fruit sprayed with citrus juices like lime and lemon, with Tajin (mexican spice) sprinkled or as I do it, DUMPED on top) with toast.
*Notice that MOST meals will include a protein and a complex carb combo. Protein to help repair muscles and carbs to help you fueled through out your day.

2. Mid-Morning Snack - I love snacks, and you probably do too. But we can't abuse snacks and expect to lose weight or keep it off! So be careful. Have a 'snack station'. Maybe a box in the pantry full of easy to grab snacks like:
  • luna bars
  • Kids Clif Bars (my favorite)
  •  apples in the fridge
  • hummus and whole wheat pita bread
  • Shakeology with PB, banana and almond milk
  • cut up veggies (celery, bell peppers, broccoli) with hummus
  • DIY smoothies or juicing
3. Lunch- Between lunch and dinner, I really can't stand anything that takes too long to make. I'm a hungry girl, so if I don't prep the meals, I'll eat whatever is fast and easy. So start making a little extra for dinner and saving it for lunch and pack it away! Portion out your sizes. 
  • Whole Wheat or sprouted grain wraps with chicken/fish, spinach, 1 over easy egg, avocado, etc. I call it lazy girl lunch 
  • Left over dinner (for me thats usually fish, rice, veggies or black bean burgers)
  • Turkey Burgers
  • California Sandwich
  • Shakeology with PB, banana and almond milk
4. Mid-Afternoon Snack - SNACK TIME! If you're too full, omit this. You don't NEED it, but if you're eating smaller portions every 2-3 hours, you should be hungry by the time your alarm goes off! Use same snack list above or feel free to comment below and add your own! 
5. Dinner- Ah dinner. I really hate cooking anything that takes longer than 30 mins and requires more than 5 ingredients... 
  • Fish or lean meat with veggies, brown rice or quinoa, and spinach
  • Shrimp stir fry- shrimp sauteed in Braggs Liquid Amino acid and sesame oil, veggies sauteed in chili powder, sesame oil, braggs, garlic, etc. Get creative and have fun!
  • Cauliflower Pizza
  • Spaghetti Squash
6. Optional snack/healthy dessert- I love dessert, there's no denying that. I have a whole section dedicated to sugar. But at least I try to keep it health (ier). I'm no saint, so let's get that straight. I like dessert, I enjoy cheat meals, but I love to workout and be active. I think each person needs to find a balance between the two;  routine and being accountable for your health and living and enjoying your favorite foods. 

The Rules are as follows:

1. Eat every 2 1/2-3 hours to maintain your metabolism and keep it moving
2. Drink 64-80oz of water through out the day to avoid dehydration, headaches, aching muscles, etc.
3. Avoid energy drinks, coffee with sugar and dairy, soda and sugary juices
4. Keep snacks handy in purse, car, at home and at work
5. Set alarms to know when to eat. Tip: set them 30 min BEFORE you actually need to eat so you have time to prep your meal or snack! Once your body is accustomed to eating at those times you will notice you won't need the alarms, your body will give you a heads up its time to chow down! 

MEAL V. SNACK- If you're following the 5-6 smaller meals a day, your biggest meal should be breakfast, with your smallest meal at night. Carbs aren't bad either but be sure to consume more carbs morning, mid morning and early afternoon. Snacks are great for on the GO, but meals need to have complex carbs and protein present to be considered a meal (in my book at least--I wouldn't consider one kids Clif bar a meal, more like a way to hold you over until your next meal). 

Hope that helps! IF you have any tips or meal suggestions let me know by commenting at the bottom of the blog! 

Abby Marie

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