Monday, August 12, 2013

" I'm having a fat day " What to do when you have a Fat Day

Ladies and dudes.... yep, dudes too--we know you have fat days. They are seriously the worst... and I notice they usually happen the day AFTER a cheat meal or a lazy day.

But you know what? Fat days are literally a construct of the mind... or you're on your period. Either or.

But in all reality, they are just that. A day. Some of you may be reading this, and goin "GIRL I've had a  fat year!" and trust me, I have too. But it wasn't a phase for me, it was a lifestyle. I was overweight (for my height) and thats because I made poor choices. So this blog article isn't for a "phase" or a "fat year" it's literally those days where you wake up, put on your clothes and go "Yup. It's a fat day"

Now I've had some fat days wreak havoc on my attitude and pretty much self sabotaged my day. I can't get my makeup right, my clothes don't feel like they are fitting, and it all gets pretty hopeless. Sounds like one hulleva pitty party eh?

But it doesn't have to be. Turn that fat day into a time to look inward.... Try a few of these to combat your fat day.

1. Get to the ROOT of it. What's making you feel fat? Are you just upset with WHERE you are in life? Not exactly what you had in mind? Sometimes when our life doesn't match up with how we imagined it to be (AKA Tony Robbins and our "blueprint") we get distressed and find outside easier factors to target, like our bodies. Look inside yourself, ask yourself those hard questions that you know may hurt, but will reveal the REAL answer to this "fat day"

2. Drink a LOT of WATER and get outside for some Vit D. Water will help you flush out any toxins and rehydrate your body, plus it will make your skin better and make you feel better. Vitamin D (from the sun) will elevate your mood and beat the blues. Even on my fat days, I will go tan or get a spray tan. If you can't tone it, tan it! A lot of the time we just need a boost in Vit D. If you're in a gloomy place, look for some Vit D at the drug store to take!

3. Schedule a spa day. I know this is more of a band aid way of dealing with it, but honestly, nothing beats getting a little pampered and feeling clean and girly. If I'm having a rough day, or week, the spa is a great place to unwind and get out of your own head. Get your nails done, get a massage, facial, or do it yourself at home. I enjoy doing coconut oil hair masks, doing my nails, and getting a spray tan. Then I book my hair appointment. Treat yourself right!

4. Start thinking about your future! When we look forward to the future and make plans, we feel SO much better. If I notice my fat day could turn into a fat week, I will look at my workout schedule and count the days down till my next vacation. I'll start imaging myself already there and wearing my favorite bikini. I know it sounds like it could backfire, but if you can get a workout in and start to look at your goals for your future, whether thats about vacation, a new job, an upcoming move, a date, anything, it will lift your spirits!

5. WORKOUT-If you FEEL fat, go make that fat cry by sweating those blues away! No one enjoys a pissed off "feeling fat" girl or guy. Sure misery enjoys some company, but people really want to know how to FEEL and LOOK better... the only way to do BOTH is to get sweaty and out of breath.

6. Positive Self Talk--thats right. Find 5 things you love about yourself (more than skin deep) and focus on what you have to OFFER others. When we give, we naturally feel better, but if we constantly are in a state of taking, we are only left with an overabundance and greed. Maybe you're a great listener, or you have a warm smile that makes people want to talk to you. Find out what it is and remember that beauty isn't just external, but internal. Treat yourself as you would treat a friend. If you really can't think of anything, have family and friends help you find out your best qualities.

7. Count your blessings--similar to self talk, you should really be grateful for the body you do have, the fact that you can read this. Even if you're overweight, or have some impairment, you are still living and breathing, therefor you are still able to make a difference in the world, whether by being a role model to family and friends or just learning to love yourself. If we could all learn to love ourselves a little more, the world would be much more beautiful!

8. Schedule a girls night or day-or dudes day. I know that when I get with my girlfriends and REALLY let out what's on my shoulders, it makes my "problems" seem a little less scary and a lot more manageable. If you're having a down day call a friend, don't complain but maybe they are too. Lift each other up and do something together that will make you feel good! Me and my girls go to yoga! that does the trick always!

9. FEEL what you are FEELING. Most of the time we are so good at brushing feelings aside, but sometimes you just need to let out the frustration and beat a pillow or have a good cry. Me personally, I like to let out a good cry. Then I realize how small my problems are and use them as a comeback instead of a setback. The only thing you don't want to do is unpack your pity party and stay and hang out. No no no, feel what you are feeling, see it AS it is, not worse then it is, then move the hell on. Ain't no one got time to look back when there's SO much to look forward to!

10. Journal it. I know this may seem "lame" to some of you, but recording how you feel or even writing yourself a letter can be very therapeutic, plus you can tell yourself how you REALLY feel without being judged. And quite honestly, if you can't write yourself a letter or talk about your feelings, well we got more problems then a fat day to deal with. During my DARKEST times (and I'm talking some very dark times) I use to journal and it would let me get out ALL those feelings that didn't feel good... and when they were on paper, they seemed to have left my mind. Maybe its a letter saying, "I know I'm overweight, I'm not happy with how I look, but I know that I can do better". Up to you, it's your letter. Keep it and read it once in a while to remember to not let yourself get down, or burn it up. Your choice!

Now stop feeling fat and go be fabulous! It's just a feeling after all ;-)

Abby Marie

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