Saturday, November 7, 2015

Holiday Humbug or Holiday Hustle? FREE Health & Fitness Challenge Support Group

I could start this blog in a very cliche way and share that the average weight gain during Thanksgiving and the New Year fluctuates between 7-10lbs -- BUTTTT I think we're all pretty damn aware that the Holiday season brings about a layer of holiday wrapping we don't exactly look forward to unwrapping in the early months of the New Year.

So with stating the obvious, let me first say that this time last year I was attempting (key word: attempting) to start my competition training to do bikini NPC.

I thought to myself, 'WHY let the Holidays dictate WHEN I decide to hit my goals?!'

And I STILL have that mindset. And I STILL have that goal. But guess what? Like any normal person, I QUIT! I decided it wasn't for me, saying that I loved FOOD TOO MUCH!

Talk about about BAH-HUM-BUG! I realized however, that you CAN still LOVE food (and even more so) while getting in amazing shape.

Now that I'm MORE aware of what it REALLY takes to take your health and fitness to the next level, I feel more prepared than ever to share that WITH YOU!

But our starting place isn't exactly the same. When I got started with this competition prep, I had been using Beachbody at home workout programs for the last 4 years.

And DAMN proud of that because they got me into the BEST shape of my life!

But there's that one ingredient we all try to maneuver around when it comes to seeing results...

Our eating habits. 
Nutritional plan.
Or lack there of. 

WhatEVAH you want to call it is fine, but it's the key to unlock the potential of a nice, chiseled, toned, sexy body that most of us crave.

And lemme just say... if I had to pick ONE program that could prepare me the BEST for learning to meal prep, plan and portion out my meals, it was the 21 Day Fix Extreme and 21 Day Fix.

Whether you've browsed my blog before or this is your first time, the 21 Day Fix is a comprehensive, no nonsense, hit it where it counts, kinda program.


Your (Autumn Calabrese) trainer won't cost an arm and leg. 

Whether you're like me and want to work your way up to a competition. 

OR you just want to look great all year round. 

OR you're tired of using the end of the year as an excuse for why you got fluffy.

OR you're ready to get serious about your goals BUT... 

You really NEED the guidance, accountability, and support of a COACH.... 

Well, then. You are in FAVOR ;-) I've done this program multiple times. That's why I make a GREAT coach and guide while you're on your journey to hit your goals.

Keep reading if you want to JOIN ME in doing the program while having my support and daily check ins.

And here's a piece of solid advice for you: You can use this program again and again and again and again. 

That's the reason I ALWAYS come back to it. I bought it once and use it again. And Again. And again.

And I get results EVERY TIME (every time I stick to it consistently, I might add).

Now we could use the holidays as AN EXCUSE as to WHY we didn't reach our goals or we can make it OUR REASON TO HIT OUR GOALS!

I would rather avoid the hum-bug of excuses because I know that life happens -- holidays, birthdays, weddings, travel, you name it.

If I can get the fittest, healthiest I've ever been during the Holidays, I can do ANYTHING.

Imagine that confident boost! 

So the question for you is.... ARE YOU WITH ME?

If you are then check it. Holiday Hustler. ;-) 

What You Get: 

  • ME, as your FREE Beachbody Coach to help guide and keep you accountable through the rest of the year (and with the choice to keep it up through 2016!) 
  • Goal Setting Session via 30 minute phone call or video chat 
  • Daily Check-Ins via PRIVATE Facebook Group OR Daily Check Ins via Emails with ME
  • Guidance and help creating your own PERSONAL meal plan according to your goals and tastebuds 
  • 21 Day workout schedule with a variety of workouts to target ALL areas! 
  • Option to get a 3 Day Cleanse to either kick off or finish with your new workout program
  • 30 Day Supply of Shakeology, a health meal replacement shake that delivers over 70 superfoods, antioxidants and vitamins to increase your results and curb bad cravings. 
  • ...& MORE! 


The group is held in a private online Facebook group, only visible to the members involved. So anything you share is totally confidential. 

Once you've ordered your 21 Day Fix Challenge Pack (fancy for; bundled deal of 21 Day Fix Workout and Meal Plan and 30 day Shakeology supply) you will be added into the group.

Just be sure you use the LINK BELOW and contact ME so we can get you started and work on those GOALS!

Don't have Facebook? No problem, you can stay in touch with me via cell, and email. We can also cheer each other on Instagram if you have that too. 

Not only that, but it's on sale this month for $140 << normally Shakeology is $130 alone, and you get it WITH your challenge pack, so you're practically stealing from us. Thanks. 

YOU HAVE 4 OPTIONS: Based on your goals, and how much you want to invest in yourself! 

A few things to keep in mind while proceeding: 

  • 21 Day Fix is the FIRST program and suggested for beginners, AND/OR those who haven't worked out in a while. 

  • 21 Day Fix Extreme is for 21 Day Fix Graduates, AND/OR those who workout and are ready for the next challenge. 

  • You can choose between 5 flavors of Shakeology or do a combination for your 30 day supply.

  • The 3 Day Cleanse is an option if you want to increase your results or have a bigger weight loss goal. I've done the 3 Day Cleanse after I finished the 21 Day Fix and lost an additional 5 pounds! 
Not sure which is better for you, 21 Day Fix or 21 Day Fix Extreme? Watch this: 

(Includes 21 Day Fix workout program/schedule, meal plan, 30 Day Supply of Shakeology and access to the support group/daily check in emails/my coaching services)

(Includes 21 Day Fix workout program/schedule, meal plan, 30 Day Supply of Shakeology, 3 Day Cleanse and access to the support group/daily check in emails/my coaching services)

(Includes 21 Day Fix EXTREME workout program/schedule, meal plan, 30 Day Supply of Shakeology and access to the support group/daily check in emails/my coaching services)

(Includes 21 Day Fix EXTREME workout program/schedule, meal plan, 30 Day Supply of Shakeology, 3 Day Cleanse and access to the support group/daily check in emails/my coaching services)

We officially start November 30th, but the group is OPEN NOW to give you a head start, sneak peaks on recipes and meal plans, as well as some other pre-season goodies to get you excited for this new CHANGE! 

See you ladies soon! <3

I CANT WAIT to do THIS again!



  1. Well that hit home- " the humbug of excuses", could have been talking about me. I have always got a good excuse- another festival, another holiday, someone's birthday- seems there is always a a reason to take things easy on myself. And then it's Friday again and who doesn't ease up for the weekend? Need to toughen up a bit I think!

    Catarina @ Wild Fitness

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