Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Dear Abby: How Are You SO Happy? Life's Love Letter

Well here it is… 11:45pm on Monday night. I found myself a little fascinated with emotions today, and needed some serious meditation to pull me back to center. I haven’t meditated in about a week, and I can always tell when I’m ‘off’ so to speak. Im also working on using inspiring positive words… i.e. fascinated vs. frustrated. Words and language are so powerful. I would rather use them as tools of understanding than weapons of indifference. 

Meditation, it does WONDERS. It’s such a sacred time to explore your emotions, redefine them, focus on the good and abundance in your life, ease tension, worry and anxiety. A time to reflect on your day, week and areas of your life that may feel lopsided. Its a time to send love and light to those who need it, whether you personally know them or sending out vibrations of healing for the world. 

I think the coolest thing about meditation is that its a practice of your own. Like yoga. It’s the journey of the self through the self. 

Ok before I go off on a spiritual tangent, I want to share something profound. It’s SO profound, that if you do it too, you could simply change the course of your life. But you could also easily shrug it off and not do it, and stay on whatever path you’re currently traveling. 

Although I LOVE where Im at because Ive worked my booty off to get here, I never full satiate the hunger for a better tomorrow by giving my TODAY ALL I can. I mean if we only HAVE today and this moment, and we fully embrace it by doing the best we can, tomorrow, if access granted, and repeated mantra implemented, will be JUST as KICK ASS, if not MORE SO!

Cool huh?

Ok, onto the good stuff. 

I’ve had a LOT of beautiful souls lately tell me how their life - whether that be in love and relationships, health and physical body, goals and career, purpose and direction - feel confused, their truth distorted and unsure of their next step. 

To be blunt without the fancy verbiage, some of its betrayal among best friends and lovers, poor eating habits or body image issues resulting in anorexia, bulimia, self loathing, unfulfilled at work and taking it out on others, dealing with injuries or pain… the list goes on. 

Part of what I do as a Beachbody coach is encourage people, love them and meet them where they’re at, but also to show them that THEY are their KEY to UNLOCKING their future. 

It can be a challenging role at times, while I also have to do so for myself. However, the privilege to walk and face some of those battles first and share my experiences have given me courage to share a method that has greatly improved my life. 

I often get asked, ‘Abby, how the HECK are you SO happy?!’ Truth be told peeps, it wasn’t ALWAYS this way. But I’ve also never been one to sulk in self pity when life offers a kick ass lemonade stand. Bittersweet. 

So this method is simple. We all know and have experienced pain right? It can be the very thing that unites us, but its not meant to hold us hostage and bind us by staying in it. We can either choose a life of pleasure or pain, what we focus on, we will get. 

So if you want to shift your focus from the current pains in your life to points of pleasure, I have a little call to action for you. 

Again, simple to do, easy not to do. Life changing, YES. But remember, time takes TIME. And its always on time. So be purposeful in this exercise. 

Ready for it? Drumroll, please ;-)

OK. SO. Grab a pen and paper, or your laptop, or the notes section in your phone. 

Start the letter as such, 

Dear _Your Name_, 

The last five years have been beautiful. … 

And continue. Your purpose here is to write yourself the most beautiful, heart felt, inspiring, insightful letter TO you FROM you! Ill share mine below so you can get an idea of how I went about it. 

But I can bet, after reading it, you’ll feel inspired, moved, direction, excited, certain and empowered to make whatever change you are needing to make. 

Do this FOR you. What would your future self tell you five years from now? What advice? What praise? What memories? 

I’m proud of you for! Remember when? You really did it. You are so amazing. Your dreams came true. Keep going, and don't give up. Help others. 

Once you start writing, start remembering, start feeling, start appreciating, start laughing, start crying, start dreaming — you are moving towards a pleasure and abundance focused life. 

Your pain isn’t to your demise sweet friends, its to your understanding of human compassion and purpose. 

Happiness is a choice, regardless of circumstances. When you are faced with difficult times, read this letter to yourself. 

There’s a strength already inside of you, all you have to do is tap into it. Tap into you. 

If you feel bold enough to share, post some of your love letter below. Bravery is bold, believing in yourself is beautiful. 


Dedication: YOU. 


  1. That was such a heartfelt and inspiring post. It made me cry! I am happy to have read this x

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