Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Stop the YO YO Weight loss and Weight Gain and Get LASTING Results!

Have you ever YO YOed with your weight and results before??? Are you wondering how to find BALANCE between eating healthy but still living it up with your favorite foods? Since so many of you ask how I did it this year losing 21lbs TOTAL since July… READ ON my dear friends:

This past weekend I was SURROUNDED by lovely temptations… (especially Starbucks)… it was NOT EASY at first, and I definitely treated myself to one of those banana chocolate chip bread loaf thingies from Sbux (you know what I'm talking about??) but I held strong 90% of the time. I brought my own food (lentils, brown rice, tangerines, fig bars, almond bars, and salads) and even squeezed in a pretty good workout… and it's not because I'm obsessed with a number on a scale, but because I'm committed to my results… 

I made the mistake before of being lackadaisical after I had great results because I felt entitled to a "treat here and there" << but that became much more frequent than it should have! Lesson learned. If you want the YO YO cycle to STOP, you HAVE to STOP doing the things that tripped you up before, and START doing the things that will move you forward! It's not about taking things out of your diet to drive yourself insane (think balance and once a week cheat treats). BUT it is about eating for the results you WANT… if you want different results, you have to approach it differently then you did before.

I told my coaches this weekend that my transformation was about balance… I still indulged in my In-N-Out and even Phils BBQ for all you local San Diegans  (this is a once a month thing for me, I freakin love burgers) and had my treats here and there, but I remained focused about 90% of the time. I still get to eat and enjoy the foods that I like, and I also get to learn how to make my favorite things healthier. It's a win win> You get to still have your treats here and there (whether thats pizza, wine or burgers), you feel the benefits of being healthy and happy, you see results and you look great. Who wouldn't want that?! Stop the YO YO, find the balance and LIVE it up! Because I love food just as much as you do (maybe even more!)

Here's a few simple steps to RID yourself of the YO YO:

1. It all starts with your MIND. Yeah, you read that right. Your M-I-N-D! Your mind has the power to do anything you ask it to. You need to learn to FOCUS on whats important which is where you are HEADED and the PRESENT moment! Note that when you are focused on the present moment and how you can improve yourself today compared to who you were yesterday, you will always surprise yourself! So start being your biggest cheerleader and coach. Cheer yourself on when you think you can't go anymore, coach yourself when you need to be pushed. Instead of thinking to yourself, "I don't think I'll ever lose the weight, its too hard, I will always be stuck with love handles/big butt/wide hips/chunky thighs/etc" start saying, "I have work to do, and if I wait any longer it will get harder. So I'm going to take advantage of TODAY and make smart choices that honor my goals and my body!" <<< and you will DO IT!! 

2. Make a VERBAL and PUBLIC commitment: Scary right? GOOD you should be nervous,excited, and use that scared feeling and turn into adrenaline to get you going. You are going to need to mentally tough it out on the days you don't want to. My advice, SUCK IT UP. YOU'VE GOT A BODY THAT YOU HAVE BEEN BLESSED WITH, STOP TRASHING IT. Tell the people you love, the people who care about you (friends and family) your plans. If they meet you with opposition, say this, " I know you may not understand why I'm doing this, I don't need you to 'get it' I just need you to support me. I need accountability and I want to accomplish ______. I only ask that you are supportive in a positive way!" If they can't get beside or behind you, don't take it personally. This isn't THEIR journey, it's YOURS. It's for YOU. 

3. STOP TRYING TO IMPRESS OTHER PEOPLE. AHH this is my favorite. It's YOUR journey, don't do it to prove someone else wrong. You know what Im talking about. People from high school that may have wronged you, or your college roomies. It's not about them. This is your body, your journey, and these are your goals. If you're always doing something for someone else, you will be left in the negative. Focus on how working out and eating clean makes YOU feel. For once, let it be about YOU. 

4. Get ACCOUNTABLE: Whether you want someone like me ( a Beachbody coach) or a friend, having someone do it with you, well… that makes it WAY MORE FUN!!! And if you're miserable the whole time, what are the odds you are going to stick it out? Truth is, you're going to have HARD days ahead of you. I would be lying if I said it was a cake walk (pun intended). It's not easy, and if you want it to be easy, you don't' want it bad enough. The struggle makes you grateful for what you earn, and you will NOT want to cheat on your results with bad choices. Feel me? So if you want me to coach you through your journey, all you have to do is click here, and then fill this out. That easy! And I love my customers, I want to help you, YES you, the person reading this, achieve your dreams and goals. WHY? Because I was once in your shoes and I NEEDED that help. Do not wait to make a change, you can do  it now! 

I could probably list a zillion steps to do it, but lets start with 4. Lets keep it simple and easier on you. I believe you have what it takes to change, all you have to do is allow yourself to do believe too! 

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