Monday, January 13, 2014

21 Day Fix Beta Test Group

Change in plans!!! Normally, travel doesn't mess me up too bad when it comes to working out... however I'm traveling a LOT this year, and I decided to start P90X3 a little later on... I have a 3 month block in my schedule where I won't constantly be gone, so from April-June I will be In it to WIN it with P90X3....

howevaaaahhhh until the release of 21 Day Fix -- I will be focusing on T25 and lifting (wana know my favorite lifting schedule? Stay tuned, in the next couple weeks I'm going to show you exactly what I do>>one GIANT smorgasbord of Beachbody workouts mashed up so be sure to follow me

Which brings me to my next point: The 21 Day Fix releases NEXT MONTH>FEBRUARY 2014! And check out the results of my upline, Lindsay and another top coach, Tarah... both KILLED it in their 21 days!

And if you've never heard of it--well watch this:


 I'm looking for something VERY specific if you want to be apart of The 21 Day Fix Beta Test Group!

> You need to be 100% FOCUSED and READY for a lifestyle change. I'm not looking for lukewarm people, I'm looking for people who are ready to turn UP the HEAT, full out effort. No half assing ANY part of it (which means giving up bad habits<eating, negative self talk, guilt trips, sweets, you name it)

> Women who have about 5-15lbs to lose *if you have more, that's ok! In the Beachbody trial run of this program they had people who needed to lose 100+lbs and did it several rounds!

>3 week commitment to checking in our group EVERYDAY... no days off. We're going from zero to 100 in 21 days... #fastlane

> a FUN and positive Energy! We're results focused, not past focused. So what you did until the moment we start doesn't matter... eyes are forward and that's where we are headed #resultscity

>Shakeology® So many of you ask me how I get my results. There's one common denominator among my results, my coaches results and friends and this is it! It's not an expense, it's an investment into your goals, health, fitness and a pivotal point in your lifestyle change.
Want in? Visit here fill this out, and I'll be in touch!

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