Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Foot Cramps while Working Out- What to do!

So something that happens to me A LOT is foot cramps during HIIT drills, plyo drills, T25, Insanity… those types of workouts.

You know the kind that make you JUMP and bounce around and lateral drills. It hurts at times, but I know that this type of cardio is what gets my butt in shape and makes my body a lean machine.

So what do you do?

1. Get your FOOT examined at a running store! I went to this amazing running shoe store (even though I don't run) here in San Diego called Road Runner Sports and they made me stand on this weird padded thing, walk on a treadmill, and do a few other exercises so they could get a mold of my foot. Once the results came in they took me to the appropriate shoe section where narrow footed heal strikers can shop. =) I found that ASICS brand (Cumulus 15 running shoe) was perfect for my foot when it came to drills. It helped elevate the pain but it didn't completely take it away for those harder workouts. However they really helped during some shorter hikes when I know I'm going up hill!

2. Invest in a tiny golf ball. YEP you heard me right. So this crazy idea flew around a bit before I really thought it would work. I tried to roll my foot on a tennis ball but it's too soft. So one day, at the dog park I noticed a golf ball just lying there. It flew over from the golfing range right behind the park (safe right? ha!) and so I took it home and until just recently, I never tried it! It just sat there. Until this week… when my foot hurt so bad I had to take my shoes off. I'm thinking I may have really done something to my foot however if you just get the run of the mill foot cramp, rolling your foot out with a golf ball…. its what I call a FOOTGASM. HOLY TOES. it was amazing. So get down with your bad self, roll that baby out! It's dying for the release, and I feel so much better!

*Oh and to mention… that massage helped a little but not quite the same.. I had two massages and even a foot massage and the golf ball felt so much better because you can really apply the pressure and dictate how you want it to move.

If you have foot cramps and have found a method that works, post it below! =)

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  1. Thanks for those tips. Those are routines that people with injuries should at least try, in order to minimize their pain. However, to minimize or eliminate muscle damage, or at least see if those are what causing the pain, the best way forward is to consult a specialist. You shouldn't be hard-pressed finding one since there are a lot of them now. Take care!

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