Thursday, November 21, 2013

I cheated on my diet, NOW WHAT? Stop the YOYO Diet

If you're trying to lose weight, get healthy, workout, eat clean… this is for you:

The BIG question I've been getting lately is… how do you manage to NOT CHEAT ALL THE TIME? hahah I love this one! =)

We all have BAD days… we all have weak moments. We even have WEEKS where we slip up! That was me RIGHT after Summit in June (a Beachbody--ahem FITNESS event)! I went a little haywire and ate whatever for two weeks. Shoot, I'm not PERFECT! IS it hard?! DUH. Is it EASY? NO. IS it worth it?! ALWAYS--

and the way I see it you have TWO hards to choose from:

1. HARD: staying in a place that you hate--being uncomfortable in your skin and not liking the reflection, clothes don't fit, you don't want to wear your bathing suit, you're irritable and frustrated (and probably FED UP). Consequence: uhhh was the above not enough? Moody, irritated, clothes don't fit right, you're nervous about an upcoming tropical vacation, you hate clothes shopping, mirrors make you upset… I could go on, but I won't. We all know these feelings, and they SUCK!!

2. HARD: Working out, sweating, learning about nutrition, eating right, learning to say no to what won't benefit you and YES to what will. Reward: health, better body, better mental fitness, shop in your own closet again or buy new clothes, less stress, excited for the future, new goals to reach, feeling great! << my favorite way to live!

*no brainer peeps.

HOWEVER, DO NOT purposely guilt trip yourself and give up completely if you make a few wrong choices… no one is perfect. The idea is obviously not to yo yo diet and workout, but to make a lasting and sustainable change in lifestyle… and the only WAY to do that is to KEEP trying and to make those choices that get you CLOSER to your goals, not further..

No, I'm not always the epitome of clean eating. I have my cheat meals, weak moments, and "shiiiieeet I probably shouldn't have had that" but I get over it, pick better options for the next meal and I DO NOT punish myself in the gym or workouts to the point where I'm abusing my body. I also chug down some Shakeology because whatever craving my body 'THINKS' it wants, is told to Shut Up by my shake. #curbthosecravings

The idea is to create a healthy relationship with yourself, not beat yourself up mentally and physically because you indulged. OH, and GUESS WHAT? You will always be surrounded by temptation, so you may as well learn to deal now or you're going to continue getting frustrated when you cave.

Lastly, what your body is REALLY craving is health… food that satisfies its needs to work best. Pumping your body full of crap only makes cravings worse… once you start to eat better, and feel better, you want to keep going.

So if you're sick and tired of the vicious cycle, what are you going to do about it?! I want to know, message me here: I want to help!

OH, and NOW that I've mentally prepared you… stay tuned for the next blog post on step by step tips of how to have a cheat meal and not get stuck eating that way!

Chat later my fitness freaks and clean eaters <3

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