Thursday, December 3, 2015

{My Gift to YOU} : The Gift of Health and Fitness

It's hard to not be confused when it comes to eating right, losing weight, and getting healthy. With all the fad diets, "cures", magic pills and strange powder you can sprinkle on your cheetohs, it's a jungle out there.

But I'm here to bring you back to basics, what works, and how you can maintain that lifestyle from here till you're old and wrinkly. 

I was like you scouring the internet for ANSWERS, overweight and sick and tired of being just that. I wanted to feel GREAT, look SEXY in my own clothes, and have a strong, sculpted, lean and curvy body. I didn't want to look like a body builder, and I REALLY didn't want to look chubby.

So I got started.... and the first place I got started was NUTRITION.

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Getting FIT and Healthy Steps:

1. Understand the 70/20/10 rule. 
70% of your results WILL be from what you eat, your nutrition is KEY. You can't out exercise a bad diet, and one clean meal won't make you skinny or strong. 20% of your results will be your workouts, your workouts matter, so squeeze every rep and push past each limiting belief! 10% of your results will be due to genetics. If you got a big ole booty like me, you can tone it, lose some of it, but you probably won't be able to change a few things. I can't change that I have shorter legs and a longer torso. *Eat clean diet says its 10% genetics, 10% workouts and 80% nutrition, either or... but they all matter!

2. SET REALISTIC expectations and have GOALS!
Be realistic--losing weight will take time. It's not an overnight deal. It takes about 8 weeks for you to see results, and 12 for everyone else (sometimes less). Have a 3 month goal, 6 month goal, 9 month goal and 12 month goal, never stop reaching for them! Put your workout calendar up in your house, on your phone, or somewhere you can see it to stay on track! Get a friend to join you!

Back to nutrition--you get ONE cheat meal a week, pick a day, and WORK FOR IT. You don't get a cheat meal unless you EARN it. I like mine on Sundays or Saturday and it's usually In-n-Out! Visit my Eat Clean Tabs up top to learn more and check out this blog article I wrote here! about eating 5 smaller meals a day vs. the 3 meal a day myth! Buy the Eat Clean Diet Recharged by Tosca Reno and start getting brushed up on Health 101! The BEST and most basic introduction to eating clean and start feeling great! You will NEED this!

4. Pick a Workout Schedule to Follow
You can't expect to go to the gym and walk around wondering what to do if you don't have a plan or some idea of what you are suppose to be doing. Muscle confusion is KEY, if your muscles start to remember the moves and reps you do, your body will eventually plateau and you won't see the results. You're going to need a good mix of cardio and weight lifting to really burn the fat. While I'm NOT a personal trainer, I have done MANY at home workout programs that have taught me a lot about muscle confusion, burning fat faster, etc. I suggest you go to the tab at the top that says "Join the Bombshell Challenge" and fill out the form so I can help you identify the BEST workout for you!

The reason I have this as the LAST step is because you can do steps 1-4 and do great, but MOST people fall off after a while (some may last a year or month) and I don't want that to be you! I think I've missed one week of workouts in the last three years and I've seen amazing results because I have accountability and people surrounding me who SUPPORT my goals! Theres nothing better than being around people who GET IT and want to see you succeed, and that's what I want for YOU. Let me help you on this journey, and I promise you won't ever want to go back to your old life style. It's time to change, are you ready? CONTACT ME NOW! or email me at 

I would LOVE to chat with you personally and have you assign me as your FREE health and fitness accountability partner (<<click there). As a Beachbody coach, it's my passion to help people reach their highest potential and wildest dreams (as I've done and continually do).

What you can expect from me as your coach:

  • A welcome letter, and a short introduction of how I got started! 
  • We will identify and review your goals
  • The best route to reach your goals effectively and efficiently
  • We will go over nutrition, eating clean and how to start living a CLEAN life
  • Getting you involved in Accountability groups where people like you can gather to ask questions and learn from one another
  • Tips, resources and advice to keep you on track and expand your knowledge of a health and fit lifestyle!
This isn't a quick fix route, it's not a short cut, it's the REAL deal. If you're SERIOUS and READY to COMMIT to working out, eating clean, and having a healthier lifestyle including a better attitude, mind set, and vision for you future... let's get going. Your limitless potential lies just beyond the doubts holding you back. You're RIGHT THERE. You CAN do this. Let's GO!

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