Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Au Revoir 2015, HOLA 2016!

Your 2015, as a song title, GO! Mine? You are my pride by Nora En Pure wink emoticon 

2015 was the year of {{self LOVE}}, intuition, bless and release. 

2015 was a very interesting year.. and I know I don't just speak for myself on this topic. Since becoming a coach, and knowing the importance of reflection to create better tomorrows, I can't help but look back at 2015 as the bittersweet journey it was.

Some of us are experiencing this #BYEFELICIAmentality towards 2015 - the sooner its gone, the better! #Idontblameya

A new year always inspires a tabula rasa state of mind, at least for me. After a whirlwind of a year, I NEED it.

I experienced ups and downs like many of you... from heart breaking moments, moving to my cute little bungalow, to laughs that had me rolled up in ball grasping my stomach with tears streaming down my face.

I had absolute moments of clarity that scared that me, and others that inspired me. Sometimes I didn't know what the heck to feel.

I experienced moments of complete confusion, prayers not quite answered, and that patience was teaching me a fine lesson.

I ALSO had to learn to be a light hearted when I got too serious about life! #ItsNotTheEndOfTheWorld

And one of my biggest lessons? Learning to LISTEN and ACT on my intuition. Fully. No excuses. Little nudges too!

I had to remind myself that on the road of accomplishment, I needed to have FUN along the way! I found that when I wasn't having fun, and I was just chasing a goal for the sole purpose of getting it over with or reaching it, that my thinking was steering me in the wrong direction.

I FINALLY had that moment where it CLICKED, I don't just want SUCCESS, but I want to become, embrace, and attract success by the character and work ethic that is behind it.

Which brought me to my NEXT lesson: {{success is a personal definition}}. I couldn't compare myself or my success to another, talk about a JOY SUCKER.

Success, accomplishment and hard work meant nothing if I wasn't fulfilling myself either. A life without passion just won't work for me.#ILikeTheFIYAAAHHH

I also learned that serving others doesn't mean self sacrificing, but it means serving yourself, and letting yourself overflow unto others.

I faced the tough lesson that I can only help and do so much for others, and at some point that they must do the work themselves. I can love them where they are at, but the best way to help is BE the example - be the BEST me everyday. Even when I don't feel like it.

I had to relearn that I am human too, I make mistakes, I won't impress everyone, and I'm in a constant state of change and learning. That I would disappoint people, get upset for silly things, and trip in public.

So many WONDERFUL lessons that have me smiling and oh so grateful for a funky, colorful, busy, unpredictable 2015.

I am SO excited for 2016, and not taking a lesson for granted. Not taking myself for granted. Not taking how important it is ALWAYS, among and above anything else, to LOVE myself unconditionally.

I hope that you take time before 2015 is over and redefine the moments that you thought defined you, to laugh again at the things that made you smile, and to bring meaning to the tougher times.

You got this life, SO LIVE IT!


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