Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Holiday Workout Schedule

Some #FunFacts that you may relate to! 

Fact. I don't and will not count calories. Sure, I’ll once in a while track the basic macros, but I will not make calorie counting apart of my health and fitness ritual. I know that it works for some, but for me its like obsessing over checking the scale each morning. 

Another Fact. I prefer counting containers over anything. It’s easy. They’re color coded based on proteins, veggies, fats, fruits, and so on and so forth and already portioned out. It’s simple. And they’re cute. ;-) 

Anotherrrrr fact. I’ve shared my T25, 21 Day Fix and other results. These programs have always been the best, fastest way for me to get accountable to my fitness goals. 

Last FACT. I LOVE to eat. Like a lot. After one meal, I usually know what I’ll have next because I do my best to keep the 21 Day Fix meal plan(s) and containers close by so I can stay consistent with my results. 

There’s about 7 (yes, SEVEN) weeks left of this year… #holyYOWZA #WhereDidTheTimeGo and you could either spend it back peddling by letting yourself slip a little here… (holiday work parties) and a little there (having Thanksgiving 3x in one weekend, you know who you are)…


…you could set some really freakin awesome goals WITH me to end the next 7 weeks healthier than when started the beginning of this year. 

I’m a future thinker, in fact, its my strongest characteristic. While I’m ALL for enjoying the parties, the turkey, the champagne, and snuggling, I’m also all about RESULTS. 

I know that a few excuses compounded over time got me 20 pounds heavier than I am now. And yes, you may shrug and say thats not much but when you stand at 5’2” — it all counts. 

And it ALL counts right now. 

Now, if you’re not serious about it, thats fine too. I want to coach those who ARE serious. Those who don’t need a January 1st to hit the ground running. Those who are pretty much fed up with where they are now and don't need a fancy Turkey dinner to solidify it. 


So it’s easy. You spend the next 6 weeks with ME. Doing the program WITH me and a few other awesome women in a private online Facebook group with daily check ins, heathy holiday recipes, fitness tips, and support so when you reach for that 2nd cookie, we’re here to remind you why you got started. 

For some of you - it may be about balance and you’re at your goal almost, so you just crave the group support.

And for others - it may be that you need to make a drastic change. That the holidays wont be an excuse and if you can conquer this time of year, anything else is a piece of cake… (minus the cake). 

Sound like something you are ready for? Apply HERE: http://abbymaried.blogspot.com/p/join-bombshell-challenge.html

Oh and YES, that dinner in the picture was amazing! Bison meatballs on top of a bed of zucchini / sweet potato noodles with arugula salad and baby potatoes. YES, thats how I eat on the meal plan during our 6 weeks ;-)