Saturday, October 4, 2014

Transformation Station/Highlight: Scotti Leona Warren 35lb weight loss!

Something  you may or may not know is that I'm surrounded by beautiful, intelligent and inspiring women. Each have their own story of struggle, success, triumph, failure, and hope but what I LOVE to hear is THEIR story.

I want to share that with you because I figure that out there somewhere there's a woman or two (maybe more) who can relate to my friends and coaches. So a new thing that you'll being seeing over here at From Flab to Fab is REAL women with REAL transformations! No gimmicks, just hard work and workouts, clean diets and authentic results.

So without further adieu FOR the FIRST time EVER... we have the lovely Scotti Warren <3

First and Last Name:

Scotti Leona Warren

Program Used for Transformation

P90x, Insanity, p90x2

How did you get started with Beachbody?

In 2010, my boyfriend started doing Insanity at a point where we were really starting to focus on our physical health and well being. He told me to try p90x first because he thought Insanity would be "too hard" for me. Well, there is nothing that will motivate me more than someone telling me I can't do something so I started p90x and in the summer of 2011, I completed Insanity. That summer was also when I started talking with Melissa Means about Shakeology and I have been drinking that and doing a combination of the three programs mentioned above and Brazil Butt Lift and most recently Piyo ever since!

Why did you decided to use this program for your transformation?

I found I loved the really physically demanding work that p90x and Insanity requires. It has been a way to power through the stress of my work as a social worker and I have had an incredible physical transformation because of them.
Where does your motivation come from?

Initially I was motivated to get rid of the excess weight I had gained over a couple of years of working too many hours in emotionally draining jobs. Now, I am continuously motivated by how amazing I feel when I take care of my body through exercise and eating right. In addition to the physical benefits of exercise and nutrition, taking the time to spend an hour focusing on my own health has increased my capacity to be of service to others and be present in my close relationships.

What were your results like? How did that make you feel?

I have lost 35 pounds since starting Beachbody programs and Shakeology. I have also completed two 15ks, 7 half marathons, and am about to complete my first full marathon in early October. Being able to complete Beachbody programs has given me physical strength to improve my running, but it has also given me confidence to believe I can complete longer and longer distances. I am also not afraid to go on difficult hikes or really long bike rides because I know I can handle it! Also, prior to starting a regular exercise routine or focusing on proper nutrition, I suffered from depression and anxiety. Taking care of my body has done wonders for my mental health and has allowed me to really focus on my work with others.

What are your honest thoughts about the program?

I have loved every Beachbody program I have picked up. They are all well-designed and clearly thought out for whatever goals you have. There are always options to modify or change the schedule to increase intensity.

How has your mental fitness changed since day 1 of the program compared to the last day? Besides the physical results, how did it affect you on the inside?

As I mentioned before, my confidence in my ability to do hard things has increased tenfold! Being able to finally do an unassisted pull up or 20 push ups has translated into me knowing that if I work hard enough at something, I can achieve it! For this reason, I set out in 2014 with the goal of running my first full marathon and I am two weeks away from achieving that goal. If you had asked me if I could run a marathon back in 2010, I would have said, "no way!" Also, using Beachbody programs to carve out "me time" helped me survive graduate school and the emotionally draining work as a social worker.

What 2-3 things do you feel helped you complete your Beachbody program? What tools helped you stay focused?

I have loved the community I have met through Beachbody. From coach groups to accountability or challenge groups, I have been "surrounded" (even if only on-line) by people who have the same goal as me - to be the best version of themselves. If I get out of my workout routine, one glance at my Facebook feed will remind me of the many men and women who face the same struggles to stay on track and continue to push play. Another motivation that has helped me complete a Beachbody program is the feeling of accomplishment as I cross off the days on the workout schedule. I love to make lists and check items off as they are completed, so making copies of the workout schedule for each program that I can then write on and cross off completed workouts gives me a huge sense of accomplishment and keeps me going. Lastly, the results! Who wants to stop doing something that is literally transforming their body over a matter of a couple of months?! Nobody!

What advice would you give to someone who is considering starting an at home Beachbody program?

I always felt super awkward when I went to the gym at my colleges. I never knew what the heck I was doing and didn't feel comfortable enough to try new things and mess up. Having the workout programs at my house have taken that awkwardness completely out of the equation. Over time, purchasing an at home Beachbody program is a HUGE cost savings when compared to what you would spend on a gym membership. Over the last 4 years, I have accumulated 6 Beachbody programs and I will always have those to mix up my workout routines or go through again and again. Also, my commute time to my living room in the morning is so short, I really have no excuse to not just roll out of bed, put on some workout clothes and just get it done!

If you would like to hear more of Scotti's story or if you have questions for her about her journey/transformation you can contact her:

IG: @ScottiLeona

Amazing Scotti <3 You're ability to LOVE running amazes me! hehe!

Ciao & until we meet again fellow bloggers!

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