Friday, October 10, 2014

Fake Bake Flawless Review

The one color I try to avoid all fall and winter is pale -- pale skin and as shallow and vain as that sounds, its the truth. I just feel like I look sickly... and then I can see my veins which just assures me of how white I really am. I like to think though after the years of fake tanner some of it just stays forever (yes, aware that is straight denial).  PS the picture below is JUST using this product... read on!

Judge me all ya want (people do it anyway) but I truly live by that saying, "If ya can't TONE it, TAN it!" and let's face it... we ALL feel more toned when we're tan.

Why do you think those bikini fitness competitors come out looking like they spent 3 days straight in the bed? It makes those muscles POP! Ya just don't want to end like our good friend Ross here...


I have to admit something as well... a bit of a confession... when I went on the cruise to the Cayman Islands and Cozumel back in March for work I started tanning in the bed to build a base tan so that when I was there I wouldn't burn. Then I started to spray tan and get in the bed... and I did this for MONTHS. I loved the 'me' time in the bed, laying there, relaxing, warm and cozy. I still miss it but I know the consequences. Especially since my Grandmother had skin removed for sun cancer purposes.

But knowing me... I got... well addicted... See back in high school, my best friend Kristen and I were pretty much OBSESSED with being tan. We practically competed for who was tannest. I know it sounds SO ridiculous now, especially that we are so much more aware of the damage that UV rays cause, but back then we were just kids and could care less.

But I didn't want to be the super pale pasty Irish white girl at school and I guess part of that just stuck with me. I will embrace some of my white-ness during the winter since I'm mostly covered up, but I still like a natural glow. It makes me feel OH so PRETTY =)

Eventually I stopped tanning, however I have the freckles to prove my early years and looking back I do NOT want to look 80 years old when I'm 40. I use to see a lot of tan leather skinned folks in Florida/Heaven's Waiting Room and it didn't look good... in fact it made them look OLDER.

Go figure eh? So I knew it was time to cut the bad habit ... especially considering that my sweet boyfriend asked me to several times because "I want to have as much time with you as I can" AWH. Ok convinced.

So I had to get back to my self tanning days... and I thought I had a pretty solid routine down UNTIL I heard about this elusive FAKE BAKE...

The name says it all ladies.

FAKE. Motha fuggin BAKE. You can get it on Amazon or visit your local Ulta! *cheaper on Amazon*

It's the POO. (aka the shit)

I've been using for over 6 weeks and people are STILL asking me if I tan in the bed. Insert smirk and winky face.

So here it is... in ALL it's glory.

Here's how I apply it:

1. Take a shower and exfoliate -- scrub that body! Then put a little bit of lotion on your feet, toes, ankles, knees, elbows, arm pit creases and any where else you have some creases.

2. Put on gloves (they provide you with them) and bust out the tanning MITT with it. At first I was weary of using a mitt because I thought it would create streaks. WRONG. Its a LIFE SAVER.

3. Spray the mitt several times and then start calves first and work your way down to your feet. I suggest starting with your calves because you want to gradually fade the tan to your feet, not overload them and look like you played in dirt all day (or a hobbit -- have you SEEN those feet?!)

4. When working my inner thighs I like to prop a leg up and make sure that I'm using circular motions to avoid any streaking.

* you may have a hard time reaching your back, so in that case you can have someone help you, attach the mitt to the end of a shower brush or just skip it. Honestly, I just miss a small spot on my middle/upper back but I can't really tell a difference too much. 

*I apply it every 3-4 days depending on how dark I want to be or if I have an event, otherwise about once a week. 

*Wait 4-6 hours before you shower or apply at night and sleep with it on

* It does NOT smell bad in my opinion and it didn't come off on my clothes OR sheets! But to be on the safe side, avoid wearing white right after. I like to stand in front of the fan to completely dry my skin. 

*It's the most natural looking tan I've had -- the color isn't TOO dark for me and isn't too light. 

*Put deodorant on after and do NOT apply Fake Bake to your arm pits or else you will clog your pores and when you sweat THEN it will smell. 

*TRY to avoid sweating for 4-6 hours as well -- sweat tan marks are NOT cute! 

I would LOVE to hear your feedback when you try it and send me your before and afters so I can feature you! <3

Happy Fake Baking ladies!

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  1. I think this product is awesome. I am a tanning bed user and I've been trying for a couple of years now to find a good self tanner that is easy to apply and also looks great and will help me get away from tanning beds. I think I have finally found it. It goes on so easily, no streaking no blotching, just an all over even tan. I apply about every other day. I typically like to be a little darker and I noticed there is a flawless darker so I am planning on giving that one a try. Thanks for the suggestion of this product.