Thursday, October 16, 2014

Getting Lean for My Skinny Jeans 30 Day Fall Challenge

On the topic of skinny jeans.. I'm talking about feeling confident in THOSE jeans... you know those ones sitting in the back of your closet/drawer/amoire that you try on every once in a while to see if they fit.

Yeah girl, we ALL got em. My favorite pair -- Guess. I kept those for YEARS and they fit me for through a lot tough times... oreo binges... Saturday nights out... I'm - too- lazy- just- wear-the- jeans again kinda days...

But ya know what I really wanted? I waned to be able to rock a pair of skinny jeans that showed my sculpted legs... but first I needed the sculpted legs... so that set me on a conquest...

I was determined to be a size or two smaller... I knew I could do it.. so I went from a size 7/9 to size 2/3/4 (or 26/27 << depending on the designer or make).

I don't like to always judge by the scale... I feel I'm often misled by what it says... sometimes I weigh 120 and look like I'm back to my pre p90x body (click here) and then other times I am 125 and look nice and ripped. I think that has ALL to do with nutrition/hormones/and activity.

Anyway -- after buying my GO TO skinny jeans (Jessica Simpson btw -- I'm impressed with the former singer. Can I just say that I have owned her shoes, wallets, purses... she's got good stuff) I felt... well...

In SHAPE. Fabulous. Look at #DATASS kinda feeling. Excited. Sexy. Proud. See pic below!

I couldn't remember the last time I felt that way about my body in jeans... not even with my my first pair.

Why? Because the biggest change was not only internal and the way I disciplined myself with workouts and eating for fuel... but that my body was responding... muscles finally showing, curves in the right places, healthy looking... strong.

Even writing about it makes me want to eat healthy food and just workout. It's an ADDICTING lifestyle for me... when you see progress, you get HOOKED.

I want to offer that same feeling to you.. if you give yourself the chance to FALL in LOVE with FITNESS <3

Maybe its not skinny jeans... but a bikini... or maybe its an old dress... heck maybe its to do it because you want to feel good about yourself buttt naked. Thats a feeling I think we should experience... self love is a beautiful thing.

So WHAT now?! How do I join?

Be as detailed as possible so I can help you better with your goals when you fill out the application HERE. 

OH and you're PROBABBBLYYY wondering What is a Challenge?  All that info is included in the link ABOVE or click HERE... <3

Ps you DO need Facebook to be in the group accountability group, if you do not have Facebook, I would be more than happy to communicate through email! If thats the case, please include that in the form above!

To beautiful bodies, minds, skinny jeans, and hearts!


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