Monday, November 17, 2014

A little Update since I've been MIA

Hello followers and fellow bloggers <3

I truly dislike starting ANY blogpost after enough time has lapsed and beginning with "I'm sorry that I've ___"

Because here's the thing... I'm not terribly sorry I went a little MIA over here.. I LOVE blogging, and I love providing valuable content for my friends and followers... but sometimes I just need a little break ya know?

I put a lot of love and time into my blog and I could feel myself just wearing a little thin. Passion is fuel, but even that needs a break for creativity to resurface.

Speaking of creativity, thats one of the MAIN reasons I wanted a mini blog break... I felt that through the hustle and bustle of other projects and life events that my creative side was starting to become flatline... AKA boring. I LOVE to be creative, it makes me feel like anything boring can be fun. It means possibilities, and I like that.

So while its been a MONTH since I've posted (woah) I want to make it clear that I'm back to share more about my fitness journey (and that of my team of awesome coaches), healthy (or healthIER) recipes, the random beauty product reviews, and the journey of a mid twenties business owner..

I do my best to make sure I'm adding something to your life, whether its a pancake recipe, a smile or fitness motivation.

I can't imagine leaving this world be indebted to my talents, I want them to be completely used up. I want my bank account can say to ZERO so that I gave it my ALL.


Thank you for your patience and understanding <3

P.S. I finally picked a team to compete with... I'll be sharing that in the next blog post so stay tuned...

P.P.S I also have a few recipes to try this week, granted all goes well, I'll be sharing here ;-)

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