Friday, August 8, 2014

Will lifting weights regularly make me BULKY?

Well today won't be your usual recipe post, sorry gals.. after multiple mishaps in the kitchen trying to master sweet potato pancakes that ACTUALLY rise... well I'm going to take a hiatus and try again another time because at the rate I'm going, I just found about 5 ways to make really crappy ones!

So let's talk about a different topic today shall we?

Over the past year I have had SO many of you (women) ask me EXACTLY how I got my transformation...

from cardio queens, to those who NEVER workout, to those who do just yoga...

One thing is pretty clear, muscle is SEXY and especially on women!

I'm not a HUGE fan of super intense bulked up muscles, but its TRUE that the only way to get THAT bulky is to EAT A LOT, TRAIN A LOT HARDER, and take supplementation that will help increase your muscle mass.

BUT, I'm not all about that, and my guess is you aren't either.

If you're looking for a slimmed, toned, and defined look, read on girlfriend. 

See there's this program called Body Beast -- sounds intense right? When I first heard of it, my first reactions was this:

HELL to the NO. 

I liked lifting weights here and there, but I wasn't on an actual LIFTING schedule.

Why? Because like most of you reading this, I thought it was going to make me a SHE HULK.

EEK pass right?

Well, turns out I was WRONG. Like most of my favorite programs, I start out VERY skeptical and think that it more than likely won't help me achieve the results I'm looking for, especially with a program called BODY BEAST.

But you know what? I turned sexy lady beast and I'm stronger than ever and know how to actually LIFT weights and follow a schedule BECAUSE of this program!


There's a little butt in there (and a big ole one on the other side ;-)) -- the only thing I didn't jump for joy about was the lack of cardio training in Body Beast for women.

Besides that little tid bit, the program itself is GOLDEN. It actually teaches you the importance of being on a schedule, the different types of sets you can do during your workouts, isolating body parts on different days to increase recovery and change/growth of muscles.

The reason this program works SO well for women is this, its a SHOCKER!!! It literally SHOCKS your muscles.. you're lifting weights heavier than your body is use to, so of course your muscles are going to be confused and start changing to be able to support your new workout.

To read more about Body Beast click HERE.

But let's get to the CORE of this post.

I'm looking for FIVE women between the ages of young 20 somethings to early thirties who are looking to TRANSFORM their bodies. I need 5 women to TRUST me and JOIN me in our own Lady Beast Fitness Challenge (via private FB group for accountability).


This challenge will begin September 1st 2014 and will continue for 13 weeks long

You will need:

  • Weights ranging from 5 pounds to 30lbs+ (depends on your strength, but I range between 5 pounds and 30-35lbs depending on which muscle group we are using), 
  • a bench or stability ball
  • Body Beast (@ home Beachbody DVD workout program purchased HERE)
  • Shakeology 
  • Enthusiasm
  • REAL commitment to your goals and the group! No one gets left behind! And since there's only 5 spots available, I'll notice if you're missing #ImwatchingYOU haha JK! BUT I will be checking in individually through out the week. 
How to Join:

  • First, fill out this FORM HERE. 
  • THEN, just to be sure EMAIL ME HERE. 
  • If you contact me twice, I know you want in BAD. 
  • Then, WAIT and I will get back to you! 
BUT. If you're hell bent on getting your Body Beast Challenge Pack NOW, go HERE. OH and did I mention its also $60 OFF right now? Yes, yes it is. 

I can't wait to hear from you and work on your goals! Let's do this lady beasts! 

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