Friday, August 8, 2014

13 Week Women's Fitness Challenge -- Are you a LADY BEAST?

Three thoughts came to mind when I looked at my before photo this morning and compared it to now... ready for this?

It's about to get H O N E S T
Thought #1: What's up with those beat shoes? AHAH jk. Sorta. It was more like, "how did you NOT noticed you gained 20lbs?" I think for a while I was a bit blind to my new curves. And by NO MEANS am I calling myself fat, I realize that I wasn't very overweight. But when you're vertically challenged at 5'2" every 5 lbs translate as 10 instead. Short girls understand what I'm saying. It's my "dog years theory" for short people gaining weight. It wasn't until I actually took my BEFORE PHOTOS I noticed just how curvy I really got 
Thought #2: I will NEVER go back to that if its within my control. WHY? Because I remember not fitting in clothes I wanted to be able to wear. For some reason this really just drove me crazy, maybe its because I love fashion (except now, my 'fashion sense' consists of spandex, sports bras and pony tails) and I was never confident enough to wear what I wanted. I remember the dissatisfaction, and that is just not a feeling I'm ok with on a day to day basis.
So I made a change...
Thought #3 Thank You Past SELF! For having the GUTS to take those photos because if it had not been for THOSE photos, I would not know NOW how far I've really come. I'm certainly not the same girl, I'm better. I don't half ass my efforts because I have progress to show what I'm capable of. So thank you Abby at 21 years old... thank you for taking those pictures (and totally not smiling) even though it SUCKED looking at them. But today, I look at them with PRIDE, with SATISFACTION and HUMILITY.
What a journey guys and gals. I'm SO grateful I fell into Beachbody... I'm not sure if I would have done this on my own without it.
So here's YOUR call to action, yes you reading this... are you seeing whats also possible FOR YOU? Because I didn't think way back then I was going to get this far.. I had no idea I could transform my body and confidence the way I have.
I want that for you. But I'm going to be 100% SELECTIVE with who I help in this VERY SMALL INTIMATE CHALLENGE. *no coaches, sorry
I want to prove a theory... that lifting weights makes women sexy, strong and confident. But I REALLY want to focus on just 5 ladies who are FREAKIN' SERIOUS. I don't want to hear any excuses. I don't want, "I'm too tired" and I sure as heck don't want any QUITTERS.
I want some LADY BEASTS in the MAKING! Is that you? If so, RIGHT NOW is the time to fill out this form and message me.
Im expecting spots to fill quickly because this is an opportunity to see yourself completely change.
*I also do T25 so if you have that for cardio, well you're gana love the way you look after day 90 -- and T25 is on sale this month as well.
Just a heads up if you are applying and need Body Beast -- its on sale as well  Like I said, now is THEE perfect time to change.

* I realize I look very different from my BEFORE photos, but I did a lot of change -- internal, external, hair, weight, attitude... that whole sha-bang! It was a great growth spurt 

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