Friday, April 25, 2014

Follow From Flab to Fab Fitness Instagram Account

As of this year and last I have fallen in LOVE... deep crazy mad LOVE -- with FITNESS.

Ok yes with my boyfriend and best friend to. He's my swole and soulmate. And I have to give him a huge shout out because if it weren't for him, I would NOT be where I am results wise. He has pushed me beyond what I thought I was capable of. So thank you hunny buns! <3

You know you're seeing good results when you finally feel comfortable taking naked selfies *I delete right away because I'm highly paranoid*


I thought it was time to share what I'm doing at home and at the gym -- but let me shoot you straight really quick...

At home workouts will always be my love. I started out with at home fitness when I was only in FOURTH GRADE! I would watch Denise Austin on TV and do her workouts in the morning before school and was totally enamored by her!

I know, what a freak. Haha! But I LOVED her, and even when I was little I would think, "How cool is her job? Get fit and be on the beach doing leg lifts. Sign me up!"

However it's about DAMN TIME I share what I LOVE with YOU! I know that if I'm seeing this good of results, you can too and I would love to be the one to help you get there!

So I started an Instagram account JUST for my workouts-- videos to show you guys what I'm doing between the gym and my home... (below are my T25 results)

Keep in mind that A LOT of these workouts at home are from Beachbody programs that helped me get the results I have!

And a lot of the videos will be new moves I'm trying at the gym or some of my favorites that target all the right areas!

So follow me, comment on your favorite videos, tag your friends, share your favorite workouts, don't be shy! I would LOVE to see your progress too!

So jump on OVAH and FOLLOW ME! =)


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