Monday, April 21, 2014

Bikini Booty Lift Challenge

Honestly, nothing pulls together a nice body like a nice TUSH!

But here's the ironic part... most people overlook one of the biggest muscles because it's the very thing we sit on ALL day! Whether your at work, driving TO work, busy on the computer, vegging on the couch catching up on The Bachelor (you know who you are!!), or sleeping, our butts are WAY UNDER USED!

So it's time to SUCK it up and MOVE IT MOVE IT!!

It's been a recent goal of mine to really put more effort into my backside, not just here and there, but to actually commit to doing it several times a week.

And after really putting in FULL effort the last few weeks, I have seen UHHMAZING results -- and I'm barely getting WARMED UP. I wish I had my before photos for you all, but for now, this will have to do!

BUT I want to share it with you guys! I love love my followers and I really look forward to trying something, and being able to share it and show you what works and doesn't (at least for me)

So in celebration of my followers, I am throwing a...

I haven't really done a fitness challenge in a while specific for a certain body part.. I mostly go with at home programs I know people can do on their own time that will target just about every body part. 

However, I know having a nice butt is HARD to attain and honestly ladies, it ain't easy. 

BUTT it's my goal to help YOU get the butt you want in less time. 


Because I know how it feels to not want to try on bikinis, I know the feeling of putting on shorts and feeling like either your ass is gana swallow them when you walk or your thighs are gana chafe. 

I also know what it feels like to see a mirror in the dressing room that features your back side and you can see it in the front mirror... and the look on your face is like "Shit.." 

I know the feeling of putting on yoga pants but seeing that extra tiny fold right under your butt cheeks --I call that double the trouble. 

I know the feeling of standing next to that fit chick right next to you and going "damn what does SHE do?!"


And guess what? Myself and another amazing trainer named Leandro are going to make you feel like this instead: 

Damn. My ass looks good. Trying on bikinis isn't so bad now... I can grab a smaller short size. My ass is rounder! Pool party? I'm in! I can walk and my butt isn't hungry for my shorts. SCORE.

So what are we going to do in this challenge? How long is it? What do I need to get? How do we keep in contact? 

I realize there are a LOT of questions regarding this, but FIRST things FIRST...


Brazil Butt Lift-- have you heard of it? If not, I'm NOT talking about the surgery, but the actual AT home workout program ;-) 

There are now TWO Brazil Butt Lift Beachbody programs you can choose from: the ORIGINAL or the MASTER SERIES--To learn the difference between the two, check out my blog post HERE.



Butt, feel free to get both if you want to really lift, tone and tighten dat booty! I do have both and this is my progress of just maintaining, but I'm ready to kick it up about 12 knotches and GO with it! 

  • We will be doing the 6 week challenge together, hey-- I want my butt to look good too and not just for bikini season but year round so when summer does kick back in, I'm ready! 
  • The group will be held in an online private Facebook Group ran by myself 
  • You will do the workouts on your own time 6 days a week (the workouts are about 30-45 minutes long with the exception of doubled days)
  • Personal fitness and health tips from me as well as some quick gym workouts to increase your results
  • Two optional meal plans that I've used to lose weight and tone up
  • One on one coaching and group support! << Accountability is KEY!
  • Nutrition advice and recipes to keep it interesting! 
  • Depending on which program you get: the supplies will vary with your workout DVDs (please see above link on the difference between the two) 


  1. CLICK HERE  to fill out the BOMBSHELL APPLICATION so we can assess where you are with fitness, health and your goals!
  2. Friend request me on Facebook (where our private booty group will be held) at and message me! 
  3. CLICK HERE and request to join our private FB group here for the tips, advice, workouts, and meal plan options 
  4. Figure out what you need! Do you already HAVE Brazil Butt Lift (either Master or original)? Am I your assigned coach? Do you already have Shakeology? 

Do you have everything you NEED to get your best booty?

These are the requirements:

1. Shakeology -- since I cannot actually be with you to help you with your diet, Shakeology is the surest way that you are going to get all your daily needs with a meal replacement. I will have several meal plan options available that DO include Shakeology. I've been on this supplement for over 3 years and have been only INCREASING my results, not just maintaining it! Your results are 90% of what you EAT ;-) 

2. The workout program itself -- Brazil Butt Lift: It's what I call my Booty Bible! If you want a nice backside, you're going to have to EARN IT! And you can't expect just up and down squats to do the trick. Grab either the MASTER or ORIGINAL or BOTH! Like Leandro says, "It's ALL about the angels!" 

3. Facebook -- I run my online challenges through Facebook so be sure to add me (link below) If you do NOT have a FB but would like one on one coaching please send me an email at 

So grab watchu need ladies, it's time to get dat ass! 

If you need BOTH Shakeology AND Brazil Butt Lift please CLICK HERE *choose the brazil butt lift challenge pack or there's an option for both the master and original BBL series! In the drop down menu choose your flavor of Shakeology--I always suggest either bulk bag of chocolate or the combo box of vanilla, strawberry and chocolate -- all the best flavors in one.

If you need to make me your FREE official Beachbody coach to join our group and challenge CLICK HERE 

If you need JUST Shakeology CLICK HERE 
             *order your Shakeology on Home Direct to get $2 shipping AND get it monthly--however if you want to only try it for a month, you can still get it on HD and cancel before your next payment (I will also remind you when you join our challenge group) 

If you need JUST Brazil Butt Lift ORIGINAL CLICK HERE

If you need JUST Brazil Butt Lift MASTER SERIES CLICK HERE

Not quite sure if you want to join? Here's one last AMAZING Brazil Butt Lift transformation by one of my best friends Kati Heifner <3 check out her amazing blog as well!

I really hope you join us, you know what they say right? It's great to have her come, but it's nice to see her leave! If you want to leave a lasting impression, do it with your backside ;-)

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