Wednesday, April 30, 2014

5 Squats You Should Be Doing Every Week

If you want strong legs, a firm booty, and sculpted hips--- well squatting is a great way to do it.

 But here's the biggest misconception: 
Doing regular squats will get you a great booty


Yeah, that goes against what a lot of you heard or are hearing. But don't be fooled. Doing regular squats over and over WILL help build your core and base... but just regular squats alone won't do the trick to building a great booty!

Muscles are SMART... they remember what you do -- especially repeated. Don't YOU remember things easier when you do them over and over? 

Well you have to learn to TRICK your muscles... you can't do the same thing and expect different results -- that's called Insanity (with a dash of stupidity-- we've all been there so don't worry if you have made some stupid mistakes). Every time you repeat an exercise you are conditioning your muscles to remember it. 

That's why SO many people go to the gym and walk around wondering WHY they won't see results-- because they're totally unaware of how to MIX it up the RIGHT way so your muscles don't become bored and then you plateau. People will repeat what they know because its 'safe' and easy... 

When it comes to fitness, you don't want easy. You want ass to grass, biting your lip, about to $h!t your pants kind of HARD. 

Are you following me?

So when it doubt, SQUAT IT OUT!

These are just 5 different squat variations you can do to really target the thighs, hips, and booty so you're squatting your way to the results you want.

TIP: Keep KNEES behind TOES! Keep your back straight and your neck/head in line with your spine and make sure you can see your shoe laces at ALL TIMES!

I've attached pictures but sorry they are semi crappy and I'm wearing my lifting gloves.. My sweet boyfriend took them but we have to figure out a better lighting situation! 
  • Curtsey or Bowlers Squat
    • Targets: Mostly Hips 
    • 15 reps 3x
    • Place your feet shoulder width apart, take the right leg and place the ball of your foot diagonally behind the other (see picture). When doing the squat, be careful of your form so you don't tweak your knee. 
    • You can also switch sides in tempo or do 4 on one leg, then 4 on the other. 
    • To make it harder, grab a heavy set of weights OR use a barbell

  • Sumo Squat
    • Targets: Mostly Inner thighs 
    • 15 reps 3x
    • Take a large stance with your toes pointed outward (like a plie), keep your hips and butt tucked under you. Imagine you have a bowl of fruit around your hips you have to keep from falling out. Squat down and squeeze your butt as you lift up. 

    • Weighted Squat
      • Targets: Mostly Booty and thighs
      • 15 reps 3x
      • With either dumbbells or a bar, place your feet a little wider than shoulder width apart. Squat down with a straight back, knees NOT going over the toes. Make sure you can see your shoe laces at all times! 

    • Jump Squat
      • Targets: calves, thighs, booty
      • As many as you can do in 2-3 30 second intervals
      • Like the weighted squat, but without weights, jump from the bottom, lift off your toes and land LIGHTLY.

    • Single Leg Squat
      • Targets: Isolated leg and hip 
      • 15 reps 3x ea. leg
      • With feet about shoulder width apart, put 90% of your weight on the right heel (I like to flex my toes when I squat so I don't use the ball of my foot and accidentally lean my knees over my toes) and have only the ball of your left foot holding about 10% of your weight. Isolate your right leg and squat down, repeat and do the left leg. 
      • To make it harder, lift one leg in front of you and squat down. If it hurts your knee, put the lifted leg back on the ground in version 1.  
      • TIP: You can turn this into single leg jump squats as well for some plyo action.

    So whatcha waiting for? Shut up and SQUAT!

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