Wednesday, February 26, 2014

21 Day Fix - Last Call! 21 Day Workout Challenge and 21 Day Meal Plan

Have you ever said, "I wish I would have done ____ sooner?!" I know I have.. keep reading (will touch on this in a sec) ..Michelle is a MY GIRL  SO proud of her because I know she's not the workout enthusiast like me... BUT DAYUM!!! DAY 15 and looking like this?!

I kept saying, "Michelle, what are you doing?! Whats your meal plan?" Even as a coach sometimes we wonder what EXACTLY other people are doing because we want it too! But thats the beauty of the 21 Day Fix-- it reveals the obvious "secret" to getting healthy and in shape. Which is why I LOVE this program already:

The 3 Ps of nutrition: meal Planning, Prepping and Portion control… Im seriously so happy for her because I know she's been dying to see results… and honestly it ALL comes down to what we put in our mouths. Crazy how the right foods every 2-3 hours through out the day and 30 min workouts can CHANGE someones body in just two weeks time! Michelle you are a BOSS!  

I'm doing my LAST call for The 21 Day Fix for this month-- what I believe will be our BEST SALE OF THE YEAR is happening now and ends on Friday! And for the price of what Shakeology normally costs ALONE, you get the program WITH IT. Seriously, if you pass up a deal like this, you're going to say in a few weeks, "I wish I would have…." 

Whatchu get with the 21DF pack:
>21DF DVDs, meal plan (with plenty of options), portioned containers (uhhh the BEST part!!), and a to go shaker cup
>30 day supply of Shakeology® meal replacement and supplement!
>21DF exclusive fitness group hosted by yours truly 
>Meal plan templates and examples you can use that I've created to take out the "guess work"

I love transformations, they always kick my REAR into GEAR! You'll find ALL your results when you get rid of your excuses! Congrats Chelle belle!!!! XO If you want it, message me and fill out the application to join here:

and just to show case some END results: 

*21 Day Fix Sale ENDS 2/28/14*

There you will see THE 21 DAY FIX challenge pack, this is where you select which one you want, and also which flavor(s) of Shakeology you want as well. Keep in mind that when you get the challenge pack you get FREE shipping (that saves you $10-15 right there) but you also get a free 30 day club trial membership (extra meal planner, grocery list and totally customizable another $15 value)... OH and if you EVER decide you want to coach for business or discount (or both) Beachbody actually waives the initial sign up fee (normally $40) when you get a Challenge Pack (CP). Just keep that in mind! ;-) ya never know what can happen when you start seeing results (which you will)! 

*PS: I LOVE the chocolate bulk bag, however I totally recommend checking out the flavor combo packets so you can try different recipes and keep it fun and interesting! You can always change, modify or cancel your order without any hassle (just let me know). 

Not only that, but I want to get to know your goals so don't forget to fill out my form here on my blog so we can start working towards YOUR goals!

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