Wednesday, March 5, 2014

My 3 Favorite and Not So Favorite E.L.F Cosmetics

Good ole E.L.F … elf? Eyes lips face… whatever. Either way that stuff is CHEEEAAAP! $3 for just about everything… but just cuz it's 3 bucks doesn't mean you're necessarily getting the bang on it all! So out of the things I have tried, here are my favorites and my not so favorites…


  • Lip Exfoliator: Maybe it's because it's sugary and tastes sweet, but I really like that for $3 I can rub this stuff in circles on my lips and takes off the dead skin. Can't really have a lip stain on with chapped lips unless you want to look like a 3rd grader who got into her moms makeup. 
  • Concealer and Highlighting Pen: In LOVE. Seriously, great for those under eye bags and especially for gals like me who have them genetically (thanks dad!) and/or sleep deprived. Use the concealer side FIRST, then use the highlighter after. The highlighter is my favorite part, it really brightens up those under eyes so you don't look like a cast of The Walking Dead! 
  • Kabuki Brush: I couldn't find it in stores so I bought it on Amazon, which costed a bit more but it was still under $6 so I can't complain. AMAZING brush, great for evening out powder and foundation. 


  • Lip Stains:  wooooh talk about SMELLY after a few days… I don't know if I got a bad one but you know how some markers smell like … there are no words… but you know… terrible? Yeah… mine ended up like that! GROSS. And it didn't really 'stain' at all.
  • HD Blush: MESSY. I mean it will def give you that rosey cheek look if applied RIGHT, otherwise watch out, here comes the Circus! Ever heard the saying, "too much of a good thing, isn't a good thing"? Well in this case, its true. So if you do get it, pump a little onto the back side of your hand (A LITTLE for all you hard to read die hard blush gals) and then lightly swirl your blush brush around it, and LIGHTLY (see the key word being repeated) brush onto apples of your cheeks. It can look great, IF done right!
  • Tone Correcting Powder: This CAN be a great product, but if you use all four colors and your naturally pale, watch out Casper! ;-) If you use lightly and only use the colors you need to correct redness on the face, it can work pretty well. Correct with caution! ((Yellow neutralizes red & brightens, blue neutralizes orange, green neutralizes red, & pink neutralizes grey))
As time goes, I'll do another blogpost about my favorite products, but for now that's what I could think of that I haven't shared quite yet! Don't forget to click on the beauty tab at the top to see more quick beauty tips!


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