Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Strawberry Shakeology- The NEW Shakeology flavor for 2014


Welp! It's finally here-- STRAWBERRY SHAKEOLOGY << that's right ladies and gents, now we officially have:

> Chocolate
> Greenberry
> Vanilla
> Vegan Chocolate
> Vegan Tropical
and now…
> Strawberry!


it comes in a Neapolitan box with: strawberry, vanilla, and chocolate.

YAY. Finally! If you want to switch your current order of Shakeology and you are my customer log into your TBB profile: Up on top right of screen, My Account>>>On the left, Customize Shakeology Order.

If you are NOT my customer and want to check out Strawberry Shakeology visit my site <<HERE>> and be sure to MESSAGE ME HERE > abbyfix@me.com so we can talk goals! If you opt for the HD option, I will send out your free gift, but be sure to email me FIRST so I can get to those first come first serve!

Not quite sure what Shakeology is? 

Let me fill you in quickly imagine you had some of the worlds most elite and pure holistic super foods (that was a lot of adjectives I know) like acai berry, goji berry, maca root, camu-camu and so much more. Not only that but it has a shot of WHEAT GRASS (don't worry you can't taste it), its loaded with probiotics, it increases stamina and natural energy without the use of caffeine or additives… there's no fake sugars, and it's just about gluten free (non gluten products are in it however it is packaged in a facility with gluten products--cross contamination is possible but unlikely)! 

Watch this video: 

If you want to be apart of the next 21 Day Challenge please visit this link!

I hope to work with you soon!

Abby Marie 

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