Thursday, January 2, 2014

Holding your Getting Started Right Call with your Coaches

GSR = Getting Started Right Call

"Failure to plan is a PLAN to fail" <<< Don't let that be you!

Whether you're sponsoring and holding your FIRST GSR call EVER or you're a veteran coach looking to perfect your pitch, you are in the RIGHT place!

First, let me tell you that there are SO many ways to have a GSR call, but knowing what works is key. Every coach has a different style based on what they think is the best way, however there are some KEY points every GSR should include.

Second, you want your coaches to feel EXCITED!!!, a little nervous, and informed. You do NOT want to overwhelm them by being on the phone for over an hour and giving them every last detail of the business.

Remember to bread crumb information, you don't want to vomit on your coach and scare them off right?

The purpose behind a Getting Started Right call is being able to show them the first steps, not the whole stair case. Sometimes when people look at a HUGE goal or LONG to do list, they lose site of what they really want and get caught up in the 'HOW' of it.

Before the GSR:
  • Make sure you have sent your new coach a WELCOME EMAIL. If you're a brand new coach yourself, drafting up a welcome email is simple -- you can either follow the guide I have provided or create your own! 
  • Hold your GSR within 72 hours of sign up! Don't lose the momentum because you got to the train station late, success moves forward and so should you! 
  • Emphasize the importance of them completing the CTA (Coach Training Academy) BEFORE (if possible) your GSR so that they have a basic understanding of the business and can ask you more informed questions. 
What to Include in Your GSR
  • Start the conversation off light! Ask them how their day was, touch on common interests. If you treat it like  an interview, you're missing one of the most important pieces: building a relationship with your coach. 
  • Go over the welcome email and the main action points:
    • their personalized website links/setting up their profile
    • EFT (direct deposit and how to set that up)
    • Where to find their Coach ID 
    • Explaining Coach Active Status
    • CTA
    • Monday Night Team Bombshell Calls (get them plugged into team training ASAP!!)
    • Monday Morning National Wake Up Calls
    • How to access the Coach Training Command Center
  • Go into their WHY-- ask them what their expectations are for the business, what they want to change in their life with Beachbody, really dig deep into how this can change their life! Be sure to LISTEN to what they are saying, this is their goals and dreams. Remember that visualization is a step to believing it can be their reality. 
  • Explain that we get 25% off products (except the Team Beachbody Mall) and make a 25% direct commission off customer orders. This may seem obvious to us, but a lot of new coaches forget.
  • A time for them to ask questions -- let them know that when they get off the phone that if they have more questions to either email you, google, or ask in the coach group.
  • Explain "You run, I run-- you walk, I walk" That you will match their efforts, how far and how hard they want to go is up to them. You're their mentor, not their boss! 
  • Schedule your next follow up call in about 10 days.. having a few calls every 10 days will start to help them build consistency and accountability! 

Beachbody's Getting Started Right Guide

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