Friday, December 27, 2013

Women's P90X3 Before Photos

Well ladies… it's time.

Time to press play on P90X3 come Jan. 6. And I'm STOKED. After 1 round of T25 with the add on Gamma phase, and about 4 more weeks of T25 to get by until X3 was released, I'm ready to rock! <<Insert fist pump>>

So I'll be honest, since T25 ended I was going to the gym and using some of the weighted machines and stair master until X3 got released. I wasn't a HUGE fan of the gym before I joined our family gym down the street, but I couldn't say no. It's only $10 a month and it's a great gym, plus it gets me out and I really enjoy the smith machine <3 I love to squat,what can I say!

But then….

I started to slack. So while I lost a little muscle tone and enjoyed the couch a little more, it was kinda nice for once to just relax and give my body a break after I pushed hard for about 14 weeks. However, after seeing some amazing results from P90X3 from other women,  I'm super excited to get back to my routine and do morning workouts!

HOWEVER, I do not want to venture down the X3 path alone… if you ever considered p90x but didn't quite have the time or you didn't think you were physically ready, X3 is a great option! While it's not a graduate program, it's still going to be hard and it WILL kick your ass! Nothing worth having comes easy right?!

So without further adieu…

and yeah, I didn't brush my hair. What's new right?

and the bikini shot

So if you want to join ME on a 90 day journey to better health, confidence, a more toned body and a happier healthier life with a kick ass attitude, well then I'm your girl! Email me at OR send me a quick FR and message on FB! 

Let's do this! 


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  1. Awesome! Just ordered P90X3 for myself!!!!!!!!!!