Saturday, January 11, 2014

My First Ever Before Photos that No One Has Seen! Part 1

So a couple days ago I made a post on Facebook that if I had 1000 LIKES on my LIKE page > From Flab to Fab (go like it, I'm fun, spunky, share great tips on fitness and health ((personal experiences)), fashion, food, bargains and deals and mucho more)...

and the day has come. 

The original post is here: 

HOLY SMOKES… so I posted on From Flab to Fab that I have my BEFORE BEFORE photos that stumbled upon and feel like I should share with my followers. I plan on leaking the photos (((soon)))… but I need your help… 

Before I started P90X (for the THIRD ATTEMPT) I ordered Shakeology a couple weeks before hand to get a jump start on nutrition (I was initially a discount coach just looking to lose weight, I didn't want to do the business side AT ALL!) and I lost a good 7lbs in NINE days just drinking that and SORT OF cleaning up my diet… (however, I yo-yoed before I started P90X eating some bad cheat meals so I lost about 4lbs total before I officially started p90x). 

Then I started P90X on Jan 3rd 2011… well I have THOSE before photos… and then I have the photos BEFORE that… my REAL before photos, that I VOWED I would NEVER show a soul. Not one person has seen them, NOT ONE. So you can see why this makes me nervous.. but I gotta #practicewhatIpreach

I took them myself with a timer because I was so embarrassed of how far I had let myself go and looking at them now… holy mama I am SHOCKED.. and most of all GRATEFUL for what this opportunity has done for me.

Being a Beachbody coach has literally transformed my life in every way.. and it brings tears to my eyes thinking how much this is going to change my coaches lives… 

So with that said, I want to show the believers, non believers, the doers, the couch potato, the stay at home mom or busy working moms, the busy 9-5 dad, the military wives, the busy college student, the hopeful 20 somethings,all of you… just what you can do too… 

I will REVEAL these photos once my LIKE page (linked above) reaches 1000 LIKES! WHY? because I want to PROVE that YOU are more than capable of reaching your POTENTIAL and your goals… so please SHARE this post, share my LIKE page, and this photo, because I personally want to help as many people as I can (God willing!!!) reach their happiness!

Well, I officially hit 1001 LIKES... so here's the BIG REVEAL! < CLICK IT or MISS IT! << PART 2 on how I did it!

See you there!!!

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