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14 Resolutions That Could Actually Stick!

a firm decision to do or not to do something.

It's just days away from the NY and most people are trying to rack their brains for resolutions or goals that actually stick… and while most futile attempts to "lose (another) 10lbs" can be a great start… it's time to think outside the box. Stop making health and fitness a once year do over, and just start doing it. 

As I'm sure most of you would expect me to say, make a fitness or health resolution, sometimes that just turns into guilt for goals not being accomplished because someone (nudge nudge) didn't take the time to really think how they were going to accomplish said goals. Feel me?

So let's have fun with this shall we?! 14 Resolutions for 2014--the biggest year of your life YET! 

14 New Year Resolutions That Could Actually Stick!

1.  Take on one new project that will fuel your passion(s) and explore it! << Vague I know. But how many times have we said, "I'm going to learn Spanish!" or "I want to learn how to dance better" But this resolution will take a more detailed approach, and will require immediate action to get you going. For me personally, I'm doing one YouTube video a week>> on my passions (hiking, travel, friends, my dogs, fitness, health, fashion, bargain shopping, you name it-- stay tuned and follow me at 

2. Keep in Touch More-- the phone works two ways. So does making plans. And so does any relationship. Takes two to tango right? I think people are slowly getting out of touch with reality and relationships--they take conscious effort. I know that I've slacked off in certain important relationships by not keeping in touch. Think about the people who make a difference in your life, your true friends (not just convenient ones), family, etc. Start making a more intentional effort to call, text, surprise in person, go to lunch with. Life is about relationships and the people you surround yourself with. 

3. BE BOLD -- too many people mope around wishing they would have been invited somewhere, or missed an opportunity because they were shy, declined a date because they were nervous, said not right now to something they wanted. Instead of hiding behind "what ifs", maybes, shoulda woulda couldas, it's time to start saying YES to things that make you a tad uncomfortable, but open up doors for fun, adventure and growth. Your life is a series of choices, if you make zero that push you forward, you will sadly go in reverse, just a little slower each day. Live to GROW, don't live to DIE. 

4. Validate yourself! -- Don't wait on someone else's "like" or "double tap" to validate how awesome you already are. Waiting for social media to define your worth is a waste of time, and thats coming from a social media queen who uses it for business! I don't sit around waiting on people, my phone, my computer, my blog or whatever in hopes that they like my photo 50 times. If you like it, awesome we have something in common! If not, Cest la vie! So validate yourself--like your own damn photo.. laugh at your own jokes, wear the clothes you want, post that dorky picture of you from kindergarten. (Just don't get crazy with selflies and 15 second clip videos of you staring at the camera like the one I posted below). 

5. Eat the Damn Dessert once in a while (but make it clean)-- you heard me! Here's the thing, do I think you should get elbow deep in a 8 layer chocolate cake with vanilla bean ice cream? Well is it your birthday? If so, EF yeah you should. If you just had dessert yesterday, mmmm maybe you should just get wrist deep. But this resolution is about learning to live a little more--but with more peace of mind. I'm all about clean desserts, something thats a bit healthier but still satisfies that craving. We're human, we have tastebuds, cravings, and it's ok to reward yourself once in a while. So go on girl, eat that dessert.

6. Use the OFF button -- So going anywhere exciting to stare at your phone this weekend? OMG no way, me too... UGH. for reals people, it's only 2014--just because your iPhone is smarter than you doesn't mean you have to constantly be on it. Life outside of your phone, it's a real thing. Take a break once in a while, turn it off-go hike, walk your dogs, spend time at dinner with friends without being socially plugged in 24/7. I personally like to ditch the phone for a few hours each week, and people know that I like weekends off. Trust me, you won't miss anything you can't catch up on later, life is outside that tiny box… Try it out, could be fun! 

7. Save a LOT, spend WISE-- I made my LAST big purchase for 2013-- a GO PRO! Why? Because I'm a bad ass biotch who wants to take epic adventure videos and use it for my video project. Spending wise vs. spending like a dummy. Instead of wondering where all your dough went this year, why don't you shove that in your pink pig and save it (that was not a dirty joke)! This past year I made some dumb financial mistakes, and I also made some hefty investments into my future… both of which taught me a priceless and valuable lesson: SPEND SMART, SAVE A LOT. If you don't need it, don't buy it. If it will help you move forward and towards your goals, invest when the time is right. Debt sucks, and your life will be held in bondage until you break free from those shackles. Make it your mission to pay off your debt, invest smart, and save a lot. Don't let buying become an obsession--make saving your mantra! 

8. RAISE YOUR STANDARD: Ladies and gents, listen up. Don't be a doormat to your mind, other people, and events. Things happen to us, but it's all about reaction and the way we handle ourselves that counts. So RAISE that STANDARD-- if you want your life in 2014 to shine bright like a diamond, you gotta learn how to turn coal into bling bling by raising the bar, never settling for anything less than what you deserve, and go get em! You can't control everything that happens TO YOU, but you can control how you react. If your mind is your biggest frenemie-- be sure to start diving into personal development books that will help you realize your worth.
If you’re not being treated with love and respect, check your price tag. Perhaps you subconsciously marked yourself down. Because it’s YOU who tells others what you’re worth by showing them what you are willing to accept for your time and attention. So get off the clearance rack. If you don’t value yourself, no one else will either.” 

9. Ditch the Makeup for a day-- I love makeup, don't get me wrong. But I also LOVE being able to touch my face or rub my eyes without being like, "OH SHIT, I forgot about that" and stressing that I just rubbed mascara all over the place and looking like a drag queen at 2am (I do love my sweet drag friends tho!) Nothing says freedom like 1. taking your bra off after a long day 2. not wearing makeup! I know it sounds scary for all you makeup prima donnas BUT guess what? Under all that powder, bronzer, glitter (maybe?), mascara and lipgloss, there's a beautiful girl. If going full monty no makeup scares you-- then go for less. Maybe a little chapstick, one layer (not 10) of mascara, and a touch of shadow. Either way, start embracing the natural YOU. 

10. Keep your COMMITMENTS!-- If you're a YES MAN and you tend to vomit YES to everyone and every commitment, then lock it up sistah! You can't be everywhere at once and you surely cannot 'do it all' as much as you want to. Trust me, I tried on the Super Woman costume, and without flying capabilities, and super human strength, you aren't bullet proof or that skilled. So say YES to the things that align with your priorities, and make quality commitments. But after you make a commitment, KEEP IT! Your word is one of the most important things about your character, without it--you have little credibility and no one will trust you, lean on you or rely on you for anything. So this year, keep those commitments! if you said you would, do it. IF you have to back out gracefully, find a way to make it right. 

11. Book a Trip -- Don't have a ton of money to fly to Costa Rica? Uh well it's not like half of America does either but just because you don't have the Benjamin Franklins right now--doesn't mean that you can't go get them! See here's my thing, money well spent and invested into the RIGHT things creates a wealthy and abundant life. The more comfortable you are in your 4x4 box room with your roomie who monopolizes the kitchen, well girl, that ain't livin! You have to get out there! There's a GIANT world playground waiting for you to cross the monkey bars to go down the fat slide. Even if it's a quick road trip with a friend, or a cheapie trip to the mountains, or Vegas even! IF you go to Vegas, see the sights too, don't just get wasted the whole time. Life is meant to explored, lived, captured, and remembered. Where do you want to go?! Set a projected date and a fund to start saving money for! And if you have to work a few more shifts, or get smart and open your own business, do it! If you want to see the world, it won't wait for you. You have to go for IT! 

12. Stop Assuming and Judging -- PEEPS listen up. When you assume something-- you what? Make an ASS out of you and ME (ASSUME= ass out of you and me << get it?!). Don't think just because you heard so and so's life story through some twisted grape vine that you got the facts right. Ditch the gossip, focus on your own damn life. When you talk about others, you are lowering your price tag on self worth. Same goes with judgement, if you pass judgement, be ready for others to pass it onto you. Maybe try unassuming, and giving someone the benefit of the doubt.

13. GET WILD -- For my 24th birthday I went skydiving (the boyfriend took me -- AWH <3) and it was one of THEE most memorable experiences I've ever had… it felt natural,  it felt amazing and it felt FREE. For once, shake yourself up a bit. Skydive, bungee jump, zip line, run a half marathon, scuba dive, rent some jet skis, paddle board, snowboard, get physical!!! What's on your bucket list?

14. Attend a LIVE Seminar-- HUH? I know random #14 right? But I feel like this one had the biggest impact on my life thus far… Back in March 2013, I decided to go to Unleash the Power Within by Tony Robbins--and it was an experience I will NEVER forget. I can't describe to you how it turned my thinking around, I can't recreate it, but I can tell you that attending one live seminar a year to change and better your life--will do that in ten fold. Plus, you meet the coolest freakin people, you can network, you learn more about yourself then you will ever realize, you can take what you learn and apply it right away, and it has the power to strengthen your relationships, personal beliefs, and get you excited to make serious changes. Hands down, best decision I made last year! 

Welp, I hope some of that resonated with your resolutions! ;-) Be intentional, be daring, be YOU! 

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