Wednesday, January 1, 2014

What is Success Club?


Success to the club! Ah the perks of the business, success club is truly the backbone and  blood to this business. It’s where the perks come in, how you start to grow your team, and will be a non negotiable if you are serious about earning a residual income. 

When I first heard about success club and the success club trip to Atlantis, I just thought this to myself, “ I have to get success club, even though I have NO IDEA what it is.. so I Can go on THAT trip (for free)!” 

I remember sitting there at Super Saturday (it’s our quarterly corporate event held in cities country wide, be sure to check your area for upcoming SS) on January 3rd, 2011 and hearing about this fabulous trip to Atlantis, completely PAID for if I got success club 5 for 9 months in a row. At first, I totally dismissed the idea because I figured it was too hard and I would never make it. At the time I wasn’t even that business interested, I just wanted to be apart of something and start my transformation.

But things shifted, I realized the opportunity within Success Club, not just for the trips, but for the leads, the fact that I grew my team, and started building a REAL income. Let me put it this way, hitting SC and Emerald took my paycheck from a measly $60 a week here and there, to a steady $250 a week within just a few months. Are you ready to see that kind of income? And that’s just scratching the surface ;-)

So let’s get down to it! What IS success club? If you get confused, don’t worry. I was too, so if you’re scratching your head the first time around—you aren’t alone. However, I want to make this as easy for you to understand as possible. 

First, Success Club is a “club” and program through Beachbody meant to help you grow monthly through earning what we call points. Theres success club 5 and success club 10. The 5 and 10 stand for points— if you earn between 5-9 points you qualify as SC5, or if you get anything OVER 10, you qualify for SC10. 

How to Earn Success Club Points:
*you can only receive up to two points PER customer EVER, SC points are awarded the month it is purchased unless specified otherwise by the company

> 1 point for every Shakeology HD sold to a NEW customer or coach 
> 2 points for every Challenge Pack sold to a NEW customer or coach

*You can only make a one time commission off your new coaches when they order a challenge pack, any future orders made by your personally sponsored coaches you do not receive a commission from unless they have the club membership. You make a 50% commission off any customer or coach every time their club membership renews. 
*If you sign a new coach with Shakeology OR a CP they only have 31 days from sign up for you to receive your SC points 
*If you have a return the success club points will not be counted

*Shakeology leads assigned to you by Beachbody (from an earlier month if you qualified) will not be counted as SC points. 
*If you have a customer who bought Shakeology HD, and then decided to sign up with a challenge pack, you would have 1 point already earned for their HD order, and you would only receive 1 point for their challenge pack purchase since you can only earn a maximum of two points per person EVER.

Success Club also runs monthly, from the first of the month to the last day at 9pmPST/12EST (keep in mind, our company runs off EST zone although corporate is in PST *headquarters are in Santa Monica, CA*— so if you need to get in those last minute points or orders, be sure to keep an eye on that clock, also our company runs from Thursday mornings to Wednesday nights, so most updates happen that Thursday morning in your coach online office, but SC points are usually updated daily unless specified otherwise). 

*******Success Club FAQ’s if you want ALL the good details: visit your COO>incentives and rewards>success club

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