Thursday, October 24, 2013

My official T25 Results- Womens T25 Results

WELL WELLL WELLLLL!!! I finally FINALLY finished T25--- I did the Alpha, Beta AND optional ADD on GAMMA phase for 4 weeks. And man oh man. I am LOVING my results!

My stats are:

I lost 11lbs SOLID! AKA means FAT! 
1.5in. off ea thigh
1.5in. off my waist--
2in. off my hips 
.5 on each calve

I honestly feel GREAT.... even after an intense cabo all inclusive-drinks-drinks-buffet vacation! But I'm so ready to jump back in to #eatingclean and #workingout because that is my M-O! my bread and butter. 

I am SO excited to share these results with you because they are totally doable--you can have results like this, probably even better! 

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So as MUCH as I want to be able to tell you guys EXACTLY what I did everyday--- it's important to not OVER complicate it. I do NOT count calories, never have, probably won't anytime soon. To me its about eating health, whole nutritious foods, drinking Shakeology® once a day (sometimes again at night for those dessert cravings  ) and consuming food every 2 1/2 -3 hours. I had a cheat meal once (rarely sometimes twice a week) a week and always planned it out so I had something to look forward to! I had a lot of black bean burgers, chicken, fish, veggies, brown rice and quinoa, fruits low on the GI scale, and had a LOT of WATER! 

I only weighed myself once a week, and took progress pics along the way, as well as measurements. I'm a HUGE yogi and love going, so I would try to do yoga a few times a week to stretch, detox and cleanse the body (and organs) and I believe that helped a LOT in reaching my goals. Your body needs to be in a more alkalinized state so you can actually lose weight. When you eat food that throws off your body's pH levels, it becomes a toxic environment. 

Also, eat too little then you run the risk of your body going into 'starvation mode' where it's going to start consuming your muscles vs. fat. Your body will want to naturally hold onto fat as energy reserves, so you ladies, YOU HAVE TO EAT. Start thinking of your body as a MACHINE not just a prize to have. If you want a machine to run and work right, you have to give it the right fuel! 

Thanks again for everyones comments, questions, emails. I KNOW YOU have what it takes to reach your goals, you just have to keep your focus and determination going even when you feel weak! What you want MOST is more important then what you want right now 




  1. Congrats! You look awesome. I am almost done Gamma myself- I took a few weeks off for my wedding and honeymoon, so getting back to it now. I've also had some great results!

  2. Just starting Focus and already starting to see a tiny bit of a change, which is impressive considering it happened after only one week. I've done insanity twice but got bored and this briliant and saves time... ! :)
    Great work, keep it up! Nice to see it works

  3. That is awesome! I just started T25 yesterday. Did you do the alpha one week, beta the next, and gamma the next? Just wondering because my calendar has me doing each phase for 4 weeks each. You look great!!

  4. you look incredible! how much does coaching cost?