Wednesday, July 10, 2013

T25--I don't have the time to workout excuse!

Not gana lie, when T25 came out, I literally imagined this.... 7 minute Abs from Something about Mary.. yeah crappy quality but I was skeptical at first...

What is our BIGGEST excuse when it comes to working out?
I dont have the TIME

So I started a new program called T25 on Monday! I finished Body Beast right before I went to Summit 2013 in Vegas and had pretty great results! I didn't lose any weight but got a LOT more toned which is exactly what I was looking for (although weight loss would have been nice).

See, Im like you, reading this now... I have struggles. and DIET is def one of them.... but I don't beat myself up or become obsessed with it. I workout, I have a great mental attitude, I enjoy working hard, and I'm pretty deng healthy. So NO, I won't get caught up on the scale, or how skinny some other girl might be. Im running a race against ME, and only me.

But anyway, off my soap box... T25, it's a workout program Beachbody JUST RELEASED about 3 weeks ago... It's 25 minutes a day, 5x a week, for 10 weeks (unless you get the GAMMA as well, I DID!!!)

Not bad right?

1. What could you do in 25 minutes?
In 25 minutes: I can shower, and put clothes on
I can do my hair
I can write emails
I could be on pinterest
I could procrastinate on emails
I could wonder what to blog about

See.. the thing is most of us, MOST of US, waste 25 minutes in the day somewhere... everyday... day in and day out... but now we have the opportunity to actually get healthier, stronger, and more toned with a 25 min workout. IT's not 7 minute ABS, it's an ass kicking workout for 25 minutes, where every SECOND COUNTS.

So I'm on day 3, yep, lil ole me is on day 3, and Im seriously exhausted. BEAT. HOT MESS EXPRESS. thats me right now. and I LOVE IT.

So what is it exactly? WATCH THIS>>

T25 is like a mash up of Insanity, Hip Hops Abs, and Asylum in my opinion. It's not going to be easy, but you can modify. And its for anyone and everyone--Tania (hot asian girl who just had a baby and looks amazing) is the modifier!

Isn't it crazy that Tania, who had a baby has better ABS then me after T25? I dont have a baby (food babies once in a while) but I'm damn determined to get ABS that POP!

ALSO check out this girls results, hers are by far my favorite!

I would LOVE to hear about your goals and see if T25 is a good fit for you (uhhh pretty sure it will fit for anyone!!!) so message me NOW and lets get you started... READY SET GO! OR email me at 

and without further adieu
my before photos:

PS. I worked HARD on this before photo, went on vacay for work in Vegas, then took a week off and relaxed and had a few cheat meals, then went to San Fran! CANT WAIT FOR my AFTER photos!!! <3

So now what? 

Well, I have TWO options for you--if you want REAL results like the one above... here is option #1

1. We have these things called Challenge Packs--they include your workout (T25), 30 day supply of Shakeology (our health shake, see this link--we have Vegan Chocolate and Tropical, Greenberry, reg. chocolate and Vanilla), a free 30 day trial to the club membership with access to multiple meal plans, me as your coach to keep you on track, and FREE shipping! Normally Shakeology HD is about $130, and T25 is another $130 (includes shipping, add in tax for your state), the club membership is about $12 a month, and shipping normally costs about $10-12 on the products. The T25 Challenge pack is $180 right now until July 31st, then it goes back up to $205... 

SO LETS DO THE MATH: individually if you bought Shakeology, club, and the workout you would spend about: $275 (ish), so you would save, until July 31, $95! BARGAIN. if you order after July 31st, you still save $70! 


2. JUST buy T25 alone for $130 and you don't get the club or Shakeology... 

Please message me and we can figure out the BEST route for you... this is about RESULTS, not excuses, we all have the time. Keep in mind, health is an investment, not an expense! 

Abby Marie

Also stay tuned, Ive got video coming! 

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