Thursday, July 25, 2013

T25 Results and Review Week 3

SAY WHAT. I'm down 6.5lbs and keeping it off in the first THREE weeks of our new program called T25.... and ladies and gents (if any dudes read my blog) I'm SHOCKED...

I'm not kidding when I say I was working out at least an hour and a half or two hours EVERYDAY for the past few weeks and not seeing much in results... and I realize now that it's because I wasn't getting enough HARD CORE cardio and resistance training in.

Have you ever tried Insanity? Did you almost die or drown in a pool of your own sweat? I'm not knocking Insanity but I know how hard the program is... and I know how tough it was for me! I'm going to answer a few common questions I get about T25--

OH and if you want a more in DEPTH explanation of T25 please visit my blog post HERE! 

1. Is T25 like Insanity?

So many of you are familiar with Insanity--and well the name certainly hits the nail on the head. It's pure Insanity... because you're busting your butt for about 40min to an hour of non stop high intensity training (HIIT workouts). However with T25 you are only EVER doing 25 minutes, so if you are SHORT on TIME this is your BEST BET! In some ways T25 and Insanity are similar, you will do a lot of lateral drills, floor sprints, push ups, hopping and fun foot work! Be prepared to have SORE calves. What I LOVE about T25 vs. Insanity is that it has specific DVDs for certain body parts, i.e. : lower body focus, Ab intervals, total body focus, etc.

Also the GREAT thing about T25 is that you start out prepping your body for the next phase! So in the Alpha, beginning phase, you will start out slower with easier movements. The great thing about this, is that it literally prepares your muscles and joints so that you aren't hitting them too hard too soon. ShaunT you are a SMART GUY!


2. How HARD is it? Are there modifications?

Honestly, you are going to get WORKED, but that's the point, that's how you get RESULTS! BUT yes there are modifications, and believe me, you will probably use them at some point because even fitness freaks like me struggle with the moves. You will probably feel a GOOD burn in your calves and your feet may be on fire if you aren't use to what I like to call fancy foot work! I'm obsessed with Up and Overs (super fun!)

While yes, it's hard, it's only 25 minutes, so you REALLY CAN'T complain. It's over before you know it. SHUT UP AND SWEAT PEEPS!

3. How often are the workouts?

The workouts are 5x a week- Monday through Friday if you choose to do your schedule like that. But if you prefer to workout on the weekends then start on a different day! I like weekends off so I can get outside and hike or go to the beach!

There are double days--Friday you have TWO workouts but if you choose to do one Saturday you can. However Shaun T says for the BEST results to double up Fridays--and so I did!

4. Do I need equipment?

For the ALPHA and BETA phase you do NOT need any equipment except that hot bod of yours and the resistance band you get with your base kit, and a yoga mat if you prefer more cushion. For the GAMMA phase you will need weights, but your T25 comes with a red band you will use. If you want the GAMMA phase you will have purchase it separately (I did--if you are going to do it, do all if it, and do it right, might as well get the BEST results possible eh?!)

5. How can I get it?

Ok the BEST PART--ITs on SALE right now until July 31st, 2013 at 9pm PST/12EST so if you want to save a ton of money, well then you are in LUCK my friend!

Right now the T25 Challenge Pack is on sale for $180--normally it's $205... but this is how it breaks down:

-normally T25 without a challenge pack: $120 plus shipping is another $10 (so $130 total)

-Shakeology without the pack: $130 (if you get on HD, free shipping, without HD which is called home direct, which means you get it shipped to you every month until you cancel or modify it via email, is $10 for shipping) so about $140

In the challenge pack you get:
1. Shakeology 30 day supply on HD (you can cancel your order or modify at any time and I will send you reminders)- we have FIVE flavors: Vegan Tropical and Chocolate, Greenberry, Vanilla and Regular Chocolate
2. T25--with a food guide, the DVDs, a workout calendar, and so on!
3. FREE 30 day trial club membership with extra meal plans and fitness tips
4. FREE coach sign up--so you pay NOTHING (normally $40 to sign up) to become a coach--just an option if you want Shakeology on HD or considered the business... signing up as a coach will always be free as long as you buy a challenge pack! but you can order as a customer for now if that works better for you! If you order as a customer and decide LATER you want to be a coach and get a 25% discount on future products (just another perk of being a coach) the coach sign up fee will still be waived when you get a CP.
5. ME as your COACH the best perk of all hahaha! a little biased maybe
I will add you into MY Facebook challenge group a WEEK before we start so you can get prepared...(when I see your purchase, I Will email you all the details if you want to be apart of a challenge group) 

AND LAST but NOT LEAST: FREE SHIPPING, whereas if you bought the products by themselves and not bundled together you would pay $10-12 on shipping (plus tax in your state). 

SO LETS DO THE MATH: individually if you bought Shakeology, club, and the workout you would spend about: $275 (ish), so you would save, until July 31, $95! BARGAIN. if you order after July 31st, you still save $70! 


2. JUST buy T25 alone for $130 and you don't get the club or Shakeology...CLICK HERE!

Please message me and we can figure out the BEST route for you... this is about RESULTS, not excuses, we all have the time. Keep in mind, health is an investment, not an expense! 

Abby Marie


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