Tuesday, August 20, 2013

5 Moves to Lift and Tone Your Butt!

Lift that booty! Tighten that ass! No one wants a saggy booty right? Heck no!! I think it's almost every woman's dream to have a nice backside so they feel confident in anything-bikinis, jeans, shorts, dresses,  you name it, we wana be able to leave a room and leave an impression! 

I've always had a bigger backside (she get it from her mama) and I'm grateful for it, esp since the Kate Moss days are out and curvy fit is in! Hallelujah, it's time for me AND YOU to shine! Curves are in, and the best curve of all is that booty!

Here are FIVE of my FAVORITE Booty workouts!

Curtsey Lunge: (targets hips and booty)

Oh yeah. You will feel this just about everywhere in your lower body... Start with your feet shoulders width apart, then step your right foot behind your left in a curtsey--bend both knees but make sure they don't go over your toes! Keep your back straight and chest lifted and stick that ass out! Act like you are either bowling or doing a curtsey! Repeat 15x ea side! Add weights to increase level of difficulty! Fell in love with this move in ChaLEAN Extreme!

Sumo Jack Burpees: (works inner thighs and booty)

We are taking this up a notch! Get into a plie stance, feet wide with toes turned out. Squat, come up, jump your feet together into a plank pose, jump back into a sumo squat pose, then jump your feet back together parallel. Repeat 20x! Fell in love with this move in ChaLEAN Extreme!

Donkey Kicks: (works booty) 

Get on all fours baby! Hands below shoulders on the floor, hips stacked on top of  knees so your spine is in line. Or modify by bringing forearms to the floor if that feels best. Kick your leg (keep it at 90 degree bend with your knee) WAY up, then bring back into your core. For added difficulty add ankle weights and do 20x ea side. Fell in love with this move in Brazil Butt Lift!

Straight Leg Dead Lifts: (back of thighs, booty, lower back)

Nothing says sexy like a perfected dead lift. One of my FAVORITE moves because it targets the back of our thighs (which tend to be a struggle for a lot of women). With feet hips width apart, keeping your back straight, and a micro-bend in your knees, lower your upper body to about 90 degrees (or a little higher depending on your flexibility). Use weights (I do 15lbs 15x, 17.5 12x, 20lbs 8x) in both hands and slide them down the front of your legs. Come back up slowly and push hips forward, repeat!

Stability Ball Hamstring Curl: (works hamstrings, quads, core, booty)

Ah, the stability ball. My favorite piece of equipment--very versatile if you can get creative! Lying on your back, place the stability ball under your heels/calves. Lift your hips off the ground with arms at your side, then roll the ball in towards your hips while keeping them lifted. Roll back out. Repeat 20x. Squeeze your muscles as you roll in and out! FOCUS on the muscles you are working!

Let me know your favorite booty workouts! Sharing is caring ;-)

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