Tuesday, July 23, 2013

FIVE ways of Staying Fit While in a Relationship

So how do you do it? How do you fall in love, avoid eating out all the time, socially drink, make romantic heavy carbed dinners for two, and manage to stay in shape...?! Seemed like Mission Impossible III to me a while ago... but now... it's a totally different story... keep reading...

So when I met my Ulises (my boyfriend) he was already into health and fitness. He had actually been working on his transformation for about two years.... he was the not so typical transformation story. He was actually skinny and wanted to GAIN lean muscle (which he did and DAYUM he looks good), so over the last two years thats been his main goal.

I'm fortunate enough to have a boyfriend that loves health and fitness as much as I do. However, I know that may not be the case for you and your relationship... maybe you're the one who HATES the working out and eating right part, or maybe its your boyfriend or girlfriend. Either way I have a few ways you can help each other out, get and STAY in shape, and have fun together!

1. Talk about your GOALS and make them SMART. This is where you have to get honest with yourself and your S/O (significant other)... decide on goals together.

  • We will only have one cheat meal a week and it will be on Sunday and we will have ____ you fill in the blanks!
  • I want to lose ___lbs by Dec 31st by doing ____ workouts. 
  • We will follow ____ meal plan and check in with each other everyday--if you live together this is easier! If not, text each other. Uli and I let each other know what we had to eat that day to stay on track. 
  • Take your measurements and weight together... I know how scary this can be! I wanted to avoid this when it was my turn to tell Ulises what I weighed, but I let my guard down (after all he is my best friend). Ladies--the scale is a NUMBER it does not define your amazing personality, your spunk, your humor, it cannot measure your heart. So don't get so caught up on this part. 
  • do your RESEARCH--find meal plans that work for you both, obviously men and women have different portion sizes and needs, help each other out and look into eating clean. Your results will depend on your nutrition (follow the 80/20 rule: 80% results will be from nutrition, 20% from exercise) 
  • commit to trying one new clean recipe a week that you two will make together--cooking together is not only fun and romantic but strengthens the relationship!
2. Decide on a START date and a program you can do together either everyday or a few times a week--working out together creates an amazing bond--you are right next to each other when you're at your must vulnerable states... pushing that last rep or doing the last 30 seconds of floor sprints (think T25). If you need help deciding on a workout program and meal plan please CONTACT ME! OR SEND AN EMAIL TO ABBYFIX@ME.COM

3. Print out a workout calendar and be sure that you BOTH mark off the days you worked out together--keep tabs on one another and don't allow excuses to creep in. Promise each other that you are committed to not only the program but helping each other reach your and their goals! When I'm committed to helping Ulises reach his goals, I won't let him talk me out of  a workout or into a bad meal, and vice versa. He's got my back and I have his!

4. Decide on a REWARD and WORK towards something!  A few months back Ulises and I decided we wanted to go to Cabo for his 25th birthday, and let me tell you--nothing fires me up quite like a vacation I know I will be rocking a bikini in! Decide on how long you two will do the program for and then either take a mini vacation together or reward yourself--shopping spree, travel, new watch, workout clothes, a cheat meal you've been dying to have, you name it! Make it fun and compete with each other, who ever has the best transformation or lost the most weight has to pay for dinner and a night out! 

5. HAVE FUN!!! So many people miss the boat on this part--you need to have FUN with your SO... this person is going to know what you struggle with, what you're good at, and it's important to be silly together... one of my FAVORITE parts of working out with my boyfriend is that we laugh about the workout program, or we do silly things during it to make each other laugh. I will stop and give him a kiss or grab his butt, or maybe I'll slip in a pool of my own sweat. Either way, we are laughing, saying how much this workout hurts, or cracking jokes. AND at the end of EVERY workout we say good job and give a kiss. Sounds so cheesy, but it's my favorite part. Its kind of like that rule, "don't go to bed angry" well my rule: SAY GOOD JOB AND GIVE EACH OTHER A KISS-REGARDLESS OF SWEAT! ahem, we also like to take pictures and then laugh about it later... ;-) *if you couldn't tell, we love photo booth on Macs... nothing like laughing at yourself and each other! 

Tip: In moments of unsatisfied hunger pains and moments of weakness--tell each other your goals, reignite that flame of WHY you are doing this... and decide on a cheat meal for the week so you have something to look forward to. When you do have your cheat meal--don't go OVERBOARD but don't guilt yourself either. Enjoy, savor, and get back on track!

Tip #2: If you are a social drinking couple (we are, we like to go out and dance downtown San Diego wooooo!!!) then look into healthier alcoholic beverages--skinny girl margaritas are pretty good, check out sparkling waters and adding your choice of liquor to it, or stick with healthier beers! Limit yourself to certain weekends so you're not drinking every weekend (this will seriously hinder your results).

If this helped you and you would like my support as your health and fitness coach PLEASE go here to create a free profile and I will be in touch with you! 



  1. You are simply lucky to have found a special someone who loves health and fitness like you do. But for those who are in a relationship with someone who has no mutual love for health and fitness, I don’t think this should be an issue. Your motivation for fitness should always be for yourself first. Finding someone who thinks the same would only make it perfect. Carmelia @ NWCrossFit.com

    1. Thank you! YES, I am lucky.. although I'm usually the one making him workout lately! HAHA! My fitness is def for me =) so do you have a workout buddy?