Saturday, August 3, 2013

The BEST workout clothes for WOMEN!

I use to not be a fashionista when it came to fitness, I figured if you're going to sweat your ass off, why do it in cute clothes? Until I realized I looked like a total bum and dressing like a slob even during a workout made me FEEL like a lazy slob.

Kind of the opposite of what I want to feel when I workout.

Think of it this way:

If you want to FEEL and LOOK GREAT, you have to play the part! Imagine if Batman or Catwoman wore sweats while they fought, or didn't get super cool masks... would they feel like heroes? EH... probably not.

And during my workouts, I wana feel like a bonafide badass! And I want to look super cute, so when I do glance in the mirror while I'm doing squats and checking out my form (and my booty!) I want to be proud of what I see.

and have you noticed that sweats just make you FEEL lazy? I sure as hell don't feel like sweating or working out in sweats... EVER!

Beauty is more than skin deep, but it def doesn't hurt to LOOK GOOD!

So with that said, I'm about to reveal my FAVORITE workout clothing line EVER.

I was on the hunt for the PERFECT workout clothes...

I don't want clothes that ride up
I want clothes that are form fitting but not suffocating
I don't want to pay an arm and leg for said clothing
I want workout clothes that are trendy and in style 

which led me to ELLIE workout clothes!

I'm just a loyal and happy customer sharing my not so hidden gems!

So with that said these workout clothes are:

- in a DECENT and worthy price range
- super comfy, breathable, and move easily with your body
-are not restrictive
-SUPER CUTE and trendy
-ship FAST

Ellie has this awesome club membership where you join for FREE and you get to pick out two peices of workout clothes a month, where they ship them SUPER FAST (within a few days its at your door), and it's only $50 a month to get TWO pieces.

I know what you're thinking, I can find cute clothes at Marshall's and TJ MAXX and let me just say as a DIE HARD Marshall's, Ross, TJ MAXX etc customer (practically the only places I shop), you will NOT find clothes as CUTE OR WELL MADE as you do with Ellie... and TRUST ME I've shopped around and visited MANY STORES (IDK if I should admit how much I love them).

So if you want to give Ellie a try, click here! I know you will love it, from one fitness lover to the next, you will NOT be disappointed... but shop FAST because they sell out QUICK because they are THAT GOOD!

My favorite pieces so far:

SupernovaTank M
Galaxy Short M
50 Shades of Lime S
Eclipse Legging M
Kiss Me Capri - Small
Moon Shadow Short - Medium
Fun in the Sun Tank S
Venus Tank M

I know you'll love it as much as I do! 



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    1. Jessica, no prob! I love them, I quit my membership for a bit but signed back up! Are you on FB? If so, lets connect =) What other brands have you tried?

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