Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Fulfillment, Perspective, and A Fisherman

This has been on my mind over and over and over. I'm in this place where I want to achieve my dreams but want to keep my life simple. Sometimes that can feel very 'at odds' and makes me question my direction in life.

I won't deny I've accomplished quite a bit for being 26 years old. I began my coaching career with a company called Beachbody a few years ago and hit 6 figures. I've made amazing friends. I've been on amazing trips. I've seen wonderful transformations. I've grown a decent size following and have helped leaders step up.

I've never really been THAT motivated by commas on a paycheck. I've met millionaires who are assholes. I've met millionaires who are humble and you would have never guessed. Character is everything. When I got started with my coaching career, my goal was to gain financial independence and travel. Both of which I've done, and for that I'm so grateful.

However at this point in my journey, its time to change things. It's time to really fall in love with my life on a day to day basis. I think somewhere along the way, I lost sight of my own path based on looking left and right at what others were doing that helped THEM become successful.

But just because someone reached success in their own life DOES NOT mean that it will be success in your life. Or in this case, MINE.

Success is personal. Its relative. It's something you become. And I think I'm ready to become MORE of myself, to unveil and shed the cloak of expectations and roles that no longer fit.

But I stumbled upon this wonderful story, 'The Fisherman and the Business Man' by Paulo Coelho

There was once a businessman who was sitting by the beach in a small Brazilian village.
As he sat, he saw a Brazilian fisherman rowing a small boat towards the shore having caught quite few big fish.
The businessman was impressed and asked the fisherman, “How long does it take you to catch so many fish?”
The fisherman replied, “Oh, just a short while.”
“Then why don’t you stay longer at sea and catch even more?” The businessman was astonished.
“This is enough to feed my whole family,” the fisherman said.
The businessman then asked, “So, what do you do for the rest of the day?”
The fisherman replied, “Well, I usually wake up early in the morning, go out to sea and catch a few fish, then go back and play with my kids. In the afternoon, I take a nap with my wife, and evening comes, I join my buddies in the village for a drink — we play guitar, sing and dance throughout the night.”

The businessman offered a suggestion to the fisherman.
“I am a PhD in business management. I could help you to become a more successful person. From now on, you should spend more time at sea and try to catch as many fish as possible. When you have saved enough money, you could buy a bigger boat and catch even more fish. Soon you will be able to afford to buy more boats, set up your own company, your own production plant for canned food and distribution network. By then, you will have moved out of this village and to Sao Paulo, where you can set up HQ to manage your other branches.”

The fisherman continues, “And after that?”
The businessman laughs heartily, “After that, you can live like a king in your own house, and when the time is right, you can go public and float your shares in the Stock Exchange, and you will be rich.”
The fisherman asks, “And after that?”
The businessman says, “After that, you can finally retire, you can move to a house by the fishing village, wake up early in the morning, catch a few fish, then return home to play with kids, have a nice afternoon nap with your wife, and when evening comes, you can join your buddies for a drink, play the guitar, sing and dance throughout the night!”
The fisherman was puzzled, “Isn’t that what I am doing now?”

 So here's to Redefining. Reinventing. Getting back to the passion behind the mission. To recognizing my potential is limitless no matter what opportunity is there or that I have to create. 

I'm nervous, excited, and leaning into my faith. I know something is on the horizon. I know that there's genius in simplicity. I know there's a reason for this season. 

Ciao babes. 

OH, and because I have to add our disclaimer for income: 

" "Beachbody does not guarantee any level of success or income from the Team Beachbody Coach Opportunity. Each Coach's income depends on his or her own efforts, diligence, and skill. See our Statement of Independent Coach Earnings located in the Coach Online Office for the most recent information on our Coaches' actual incomes." In addition, please provide prospective and current Coaches with the link to the Statement of Independent Coach Earnings," 


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