Friday, July 8, 2016

Leaving Beachbody Coaching and Embracing the Journey Ahead

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I want to thank those of you who have taken the time out to watch this, and for that reason I will try to keep it short yet impactful and positive. I know there are many other things to be focusing on in your own life, and that of our country. While I a have a moment, I’d like to send love light and healing to Dallas and our nation. Light can drive out the dark, but we must find light. 

So with that being said, I’d like to first start with the fact that although this video mostly pertains to me sharing why I am no longer actively coaching with Beachbody, this video is also meant to help anyone who is looking for the courage to discover the truths within your own heart and soul. 

I first became a coach because I needed my health back. I needed to learn about nutrition, I needed to get accountable, I needed to lose weight, I needed to grow. And I saw Beachbody as a growing experience. That I accomplished and still working towards everyday. 

I realized that by going after my own small goals, and sharing them with people - whether that was social media or in person, I was making some kind of impact. It became reciprocal. Me helping them, and them helping me. 

I fell in love with our industry. The industry of ‘network marketing’ but more than that, relationship building. and Dream building. Life wealth. 
I’ve been a coach for some time now, and I still am but in different ways. Once a coach, you will always find yourself in a similar profession. We don’t really do it for the money, we do it for the transformation. However, while I will always love Beachbody products and the community, especially my team and friends I’ve made over the last few years, I have also witnessed the many changes. 

Ive studied network marketing, I have friends in other companies, and Im always appreciative of what we can learn from one another. Im not ashamed to be apart of this community. Some people laugh at it, simply because they don’t understand it and have not experienced it in a way that pushes them to be better. But I have. 


And here’s what I’ve experienced. 

Simplicity is genius. Simplifying the complicated will always win. 
The system must duplicate, and DEEP. 
Leadership is essential. 
You MUST believe in yourself FIRST and the products SECOND. 

I think my anxiety of social media came from not taking enough breaks. That in itself is my fault alone, I do not blame Beachbody for this. I see many companies of ALL industries who have social media teams and those who solely spend their time utilizing that aspect. 

Social media is a  FULL time job. It takes training, effort and skill. 

I felt that TOO much of Beachbody coaching relied on social media. I felt that it became a complicated system that as much as I tried, could not simplify. I burned out. and I know Im not the only one, Ive talked to many leaders who felt and feel the way I do and did. 

I think coaches need more support from the company… it felt that our company grew so big, so fast and put out so many products that a lot of areas of business suffered. Now thats not to say, that every company does not experience that, because they do. But instead of helping coaches become more effective and efficient by providing services and tools - like a  simplified coach training that was up to date and simple, we were putting out workout program after program. As leaders, we have many tasks to help our teams survive and then thrive. Not only is running and leading a team a full time job, but also creating the tools necessary for that, that ACTUALLY work, takes time. 

I looked at my team, and I had to ask, what success is duplicating? My team was and is wonderful, we’re all imperfect and quirky in our own way. Im proud to know their WHYs. and Im proud of them. 

But was I helping them reach time and financial freedom? Was I leading them in a path I believed would help them achieve that..?

And the answer was not really. Was the non stop social media entertainment and plugged in mentality going to help them or was it replacing their 40 hour work week or adding to it? 

If I can’t stand being stuck to a computer screen all day, how can I attract those who do not mind it?

We attract what we are, in some shape or form. It was like running into a wall repeatedly when I was building my team. And not in a bad way, but in a way where the Universe was like ABBY WAKE UP!! 

Over time, I simply fell out love with Beachbody coaching. I could no longer invite people into a business that I did not see as a solution to time and financial freedom in the way that I believed. Now some people will disagree, some people LOVE being on a computer, and love being online. But I can’t speak for that. 

I could really list more reasons that pushed me away from coaching, but again, this is not a bashing upon Beachbody. 

Looking at something you have built for over 5 years is gratifying. I had the experience of building a team of over 500 people, and while to some in this company that may seem small, to me, it was a big deal. Every person I wanted to know and touch their life in some way, direct or indirectly. I had the experience of building my income to over 6 figures and giving myself a raise every year of about $25,000. And I don’t say that to impress you, but impress upon you, that 'If you wish to find, you must search. Rarely does a good idea interrupt you' 

So whats in store now? Now is the time to dream, create, grind it out and believe much bigger much sooner. Now that I’ve seen a glimpse of my potential and know my worth more and  more everyday, I don’t see any reason to hold back. Now is the time to build myself and others UP. 

A novice, yes. A student always. A student of life. And I hope that my experiences can help teach you too! 

First, I plan to stay in the health and fitness world. I’m half way through my coaching certification with IIN. I absolutely love it. Ive learned so much and I cannot wait to pour into others and help them. If you’re interested in a 30 minute health coach call to let me practice my skills on you, please email me. I will be doing group coaching starting in September and one on one coaching beginning of next year. 

Second, I will be beefing up my Youtube channel. I feel that I do have value to add, but Im no expert. Im inviting you to join me and see what shenanigans go on over there. I love video, I love editing. You’ll find healthy dessert recipes, how to’s, beauty hacks, health conscious tips, workouts and life lessons. 

Lastly, I have found the opportunity I was looking and searching for. When a good friend came to me looking at a company to get involved with, I told her I'd give her my honest opinion. And I did, I told her its a helluva an opportunity and had check marks in the boxes that are most important:

  • Simple system that can be done in as little as 5 hours a week AND duplicated to the busy mom, the 40 hour work week worker, the military member who's always moving around, the soon to be or already retired wife and husband, and the college student trying to figure things out. 
  • A team with support from amazing mentors and leaders (the top earner and #1 team recruiter jumped on a call with ME to share their testimonies). 
  • The product line has an excellent catalogue of necessary and in demand products WITH a price range that can help anyone get started on their health. 
The list goes on, but for the sake of this already lengthy blog post and the video, I will cut it here. I will however end it saying that following my intuition has never led me astray and its my hope that you do the same. 

As for the direction of this blog... well you can certainly keep an eye out for more videos and a shift in SOME aspects. However, I have used this blog to document ALL aspects of my life journey, so I am still going to do so. Thank you for being such thoughtful, caring and understanding readers. I appreciate all the support you have shown me and I look forward to adding value to you as well! 


  1. The cliffhanger! Or did I miss it? :P What company are you going to??!! Best of luck in your journey and your feelings DO resinate with me. I'll be following you! :)

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