Tuesday, March 1, 2016

The Quiet Things That No One Ever Knows - My Hammer and Chisel "Results"

No... I didn't name my post's title off of Brand News most epic song that takes me back to my  high school days... 

Ok maybe I did. It literally just came on Pandora and it's actually QUITE fitting for today's blog post. 
I know this may not be blogger kosher (is there such thing...), but I use my Facebook wall as a micro blog posting spot... so I'm going to be sharing directly from there because I couldn't have said it better myself... (please laugh at my jokes, I know I can't see/hear you, but it would be appreciated). 

So the last few months of 2015, I felt my body shift, MASSIVELY which I explain in my post below, but it was something I kept to myself. I NEVER wanted to make excuses as a coach, a person that people look to for advice and as an example. Being a role model (and I don't say that with ego) keeps me very AWARE of what I write, post, say, and share. While I try not censor myself or my personality, I know when I'm spewing excuses and when I'm sharing my story. 

So without further adieu... 

I know I know. I didn't post my before and after Hammer and Chisel photos. Truth be told I kept going back and forth with how I felt about my pictures. I will be posting them on my blog, but I kind of had a pity party to myself on Monday. ‪#‎WeAllDoIt‬
I didn't see the drastic change I was aiming for. In fact, I pretty much look the same. (Insert sigh/groan/choice cuss words starting with F)
And I know the few reasons why that is.
One is my meal plan. The things I use to eat truly have a different effect on me. I noticed I was bloated more... And I tried to pin point what it was. I have an idea,which I share in a second.
Another aspect was I still enjoyed my "cheat meals" ... Probably twice a week. And I wouldn't say they were full on throw me a side of BBQ ribs and fries to feed all of California. The last time I was super strict with my diet was 21 Day Fix Extreme, when it's only 3 weeks, you don't really want to be lackadaisical with your meal plan. Side Note: I hardly ever drink.
I pushed and kicked my ass in every workout and maybe missed two because I was so sore.
I showed up everyday ready to sweat and waddle my way out of the gym.‪#‎AndWaddleIDid‬
But somewhere along the lines... A few months ago I FELT different. Like my body was going through this CHANGE and I was kind of in the passenger seat trying to grab the wheel and yank it back. I kept thinking why the heck can't I eat what I'm use to eating? Why do I look 5 months pregnant everyday around 5 pm?! ‪#‎ItsNot5oClockSomewhere‬
I'll be honest, this threw me for a LOOP. Until I started my nutrition certification and started to learn about the shifts your body goes through during different stages of your life.
For example, did you know that when you eat a diet that has animal products (ex. chicken) as a child, that the digestive enzymes in your saliva can no longer break it down as good as it did when you were younger? As you age, your body can only do SO much work when it comes to nutrition. But I / we / you need to do our part and put healthy things on our plate to help our bodies adjust to change.
What you use to eat may not work for you anymore. Some people switch from vegan and vegetarian diets to more animal based diets later in life and find that it works for them and then sometimes switch back. & some don't at all because of animal rights.
&& this is what I noticed. Eating animal products DOES have its effect on me. I know that everyone has their own opinion on this and not everyone SHOULD eat the same (we're all unique) and I can't say for sure this will solve my problems... But I know between adjusting to a more plant based diet and less junk food cheat meals, I'm going to not only see the results I want, but feel like a billion trillion dollars.
This week in class we are learning about vegan and vegetarian options and had two AMAZING speakers.
Because nutrition is a natural curiosity of mine, I decided that I'll take the challenge.
Slowly cutting out animal products to evaluate how I feel is a new path and I'm excited to see how my body works best.

Oh and as for the sammich... it has: 
> Spinach
> Cucumbers
> Shredded carrots
> Spicy sprouts
> Chipotle Hummus
> Dijon mustard
> on a flaxseed honey sprouted grain bread 

And here are my results. Let me share what I gained by doing this program:

  • Renewed love for Beachbody programs again.. I was feeling high and dry lately.. I've been in this game for 5 ish years and was ready for a program that I could CONNECT with. Some people call them soul mate workouts... this was def something along those lines. I have a few good handful of workouts I LOVE by Beachbody, but I beat the dead horse a few times with them and needed something FRESH off the film set. 
  • I noticed a LOT of change in my arms, although not shown really, I see my triceps more and my arms are SLIMMER! I was starting to feel like someone secretly attached swim floaties to my arms before HC.
  • I noticed how STRONG my legs got! I don't get NEARLY as light headed going up stairs now ;-) (somehow no matter how long you've been in the workout game, stairs are just one of those life obstacles that remind you -- you need to do more cardio and legs)
  • My BACK - my rear delts!! I feel like I can see my muscles so much more now... I cant wait to rock some tank tops and not have that bra fat hanging over. #NoThanks
  • My ASS is way more solid. The  boyfriend noticed and I know he's not trying to butter my muffin because I enjoy grabbing my own toosh too. It's solid(er). 
  • My face looks slimmer. You know you're going into the RED ZONE when your face starts to get more round... I was glad to see my cheek bones a little more! 
  • I was able to push myself through out the whole program. YES I was sore but I took recovery and intra workout to help push me as hard as I could. 
  • I LOST 3.5 pounds! *hey I'll take it! 

All I gotta say is this. Stay. Freakin. Tuned. I will be sharing more of my journey with vegetarian/vegan meals and what I go through. I plan to do videos and share it directly from my experience and the heart. I'm excited to embark on this journey and discover what makes me feel AMAZING everyday. 

I cant wait to see how my body reacts and responds internally and externally ... here comes the #LeanMachine 

If you follow a workout junkie/fanatic who is vegan or vegetarian and really love their vibe and what they share, please post it below in the comments! I'm on the hunt for role models I can lean on during this time! 

As for now, CIAO babes... I'm excited to be back in the blogging game and back in my fitness/health grind. I feel like Ive hit my stride and I'm ready to run my own race. 


it has:
  • 🌱
  •  Spicy sprouts 
  • 🌱
  •  chipotle hummus 
  • 🌱
  •  cucumbers 
  • 🌱
  • shredded carrots 
  • 🌱
  • spinach 
  • 🌱
  • gluten free crackers 
  • 👌
  • 🏽
  • 🌱
  •  Dijon mustard 
  • 🌱
  • On honey flaxseed sprouted gra


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  3. Do you continue to eat vegetarian? Did you do another round of hammer n chisel and enjoy? I'm vegetarian and looking to do h&c.

  4. Do you continue to eat vegetarian? Did you do another round of hammer n chisel and enjoy? I'm vegetarian and looking to do h&c.