Thursday, February 25, 2016

Working From Home Tips - Bust Outta The Rut!

Its quite amazing how you can build your lifestyle nowadays.
Whether thats online or in person or a mixture of both.
I’ve gone through waves of love and strong dislike for being on the computer… and IF you’re building a business mostly online {like all of us savvy coaches} then...

Are you the CEO - chief executive office of MY BUSINESS?! Then you should be holding yourself to a higher standard! 
wink emotico} … THEN...
I’ve got a few tips for you if you have ever struggled with the extrovert/introvert inside of yourself.
{{ PSST — I’m literally half and half according to the many personality tests I’ve taken. I guess it depends on my mood hehe - what are you?! }}
After 5 years of building my Work-From-Anywhere-Lifestyle-Coaching biz through Beachbody I’ve learned that I need some YING to my YANG!
And lets not forget — your REAL success lies outside that comfort zone:
> Get your butt to a coffee shop and SOAK it IN! Ok, I use to fight this a LOT. I didn’t see the sense in sitting at a coffee shop when I had strong wifi and FREE coffee at home.
BUT … this is an easy way to just connect with other people. Even if you are staring at a screen, you can easily look up and smile at people.
Daniel and I are REGULARS now at Starbucks. How cool is that? We’ve made some great friends.
> Sit OUTSIDE! I realize that if you don’t live in warm sunny weather year round like we do in San Diego that may be difficult BUT that doesn’t mean you can’t find a library with a big window, or grab a heater and sit on a porch.
> Set TIMERS! If you are the kind to get sucked in for HOURS {ahem, like myself} - you are going to fatigue that beautiful brain of yours. Set 25 min timers with 5 min breaks. Get up and MOVE around, and STRETCH yourself out. Even better, foam roll and throw in a few air squats.
> Grab a dog or cat. Or furry friend. Having an animal nearby keeps the love flowing in your environment. Having my babies close makes me feel good. No rhyme or reason except they’re my family.
> Work with FRIENDS! Even if you aren’t working together on a project, just having a friend sitting with you ‘in the trenches’ so to speak will bring a sense of camaraderie when it comes to building your dream life. BUT be careful, this could turn into a 4 hour social pow wow or a social hour of gossip and goodies. And while I'm ALL for girl time and friend time, remember the goal of being together in this space, to GROW and GET things done! 
> Grab a glass of SOMETHING! Whether thats Shakeology, wine, sangria, a michelada or green juice like Suja, having something to sip on (esp if its out of a pretty cup) will give you a little boost.
I could go on, but you get it.
Don’t be a hermit. Get out there. Connect. Refresh. Open yourself up to new spaces and places! And watch yourself adapt to new ways of thinking and seeing.

Just a quick micro blog post today for all my fellow entrepreneurs! I wanted to be something you could easily and quickly do. No need to buy new furniture or rearrange your desk. Focus on what matters by changing up your environment a little! 




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