Saturday, March 5, 2016

Friend Promoting Their Biz on Social Media? What's this TREND...?

So lets get some ‪#‎RealTalk‬ for a second... maybe you've realized the recent trend, and maybe you're apart of it. And if you're apart of it, I have some tips for you. And if you're an outsider looking in and need some perspective on what the HECK is going on... well then I can help enlighten you :)

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You've heard of Beachody? It Works? Advocare? Herbalife? Jamberry? Scentsy? Nerium? Mary Kay? 31 Bags? Isagenix? Young Living{Oils}? Seacret?
I could go on, but I think you get the picture. These are called Network Marketing opportunities. They're MADE for everyday people with the sole purpose of using 'word of mouth' to put their product, and opportunity into the hands of NETWORKS of people.
You may be apart of one. That girl from high school may be in one. Your mom told you about this new skin care she's using. You saw this guy lose a ton of weight from his photo being shared to only realize its the guy you use to bus tables with...?
Yep. There's people out there who didn't have to hand in a resume, do a background check, didn't needed a ton of money to start, and possibly have ZERO skills in the profession. Some have pHd's, some barely graduated high school. Some didn't start reading a book until their mid twenties. Some people are already wealthy when they get in, and some can barely rub two nickels together.
So if you're an outsider looking in, a good question to ask yourself is ' WHY are these people {of all WALKS of LIFE} getting INVOLVED?' Now if you're a true skeptic (as most are, myself included circa 2010) you're fist assumption is ' THEY'RE JUST GOING TO SELL ME SOMETHING' --
And some of you may be thinking, 'hmm. Something is going on here.. maybe its just a little side money...'
And then you see these people with new friends, going on vacations, losing weight, their skin cleared up, whatever it may be...
And then you see some who hit the million dollar earner milestone! And you're sitting their like, 'HOLY $h!T" Is this REAL??'
And then you see some who quit and end up joining another company. Or even bash the last one they were in 'There was no help. They just wanted me to sell a product' -- You're going to hear it all. Some may be accurate, while others mask their giving up with the company's flaws.
One persons passion may be another persons poison. Some people have a STRONG true desire to help others. And their product has helped them SOOO much in their own life, WHY would they want to hold it back from anyone? While others are too worried that 'selling' may mean actually recommending a solution that worked for them. They use excuses like 'I'm shy, I'm not a sales person, I could never ...' Hint: You are a sales person by default. You sell your personality, you sell your smile, you sell your kids on eating broccoli, you sell your boss on giving you a raise... you sell your boyfriend on going to a certain restaurant.
There are those in our profession who as Eric Worre puts it, 'treat this business a lottery ticket' and quickly give up after their mom, cousin, brother in law and high school friend said no. And tell you all the reasons why it never worked.
And NO, not every company is created equally. In my experience of being involved in network marketing {{aka relationship marketing}} since the ripe age of 17 (started with Mary Kay then to avon for a month not knowing a deng thing except I didn't want a boss) is that finding the company you are passionate about, and believe in is PART of the KEY to unlocking your success.
But the other key is that if you don't EVER try, you will NEVER succeed. You have to understand while that THIS is a profession anyone can get in, not everyone will make it. And this is directly correlated to how much they are willing to personally grow themselves. Straight up. No investment? No reward. You MUST believe in yourself to succeed. Bottom line.
I LOVE that anyone can get into network marketing and become a million dollar earner. I love that anyone who came from a crappy past can inspire and MOVE people to act using their pain for purpose. I love the possibility of changing your direction overnight is available for those who are ready for a better way.
And if you AREN'T in Network Marketing and you ARE annoyed the mirage of posts you see on a weekly basis, I hope you see the WHITE FLAG waiving... its the flag of FREEDOM yo. Its the SIGN that there is a BETTER way to live your life if you aren't fulfilled.. but if its not for you, no problemo. Some people are totally ok with working their 9-5, two week paid vacay or busy travel back and forth commute... maybe you are already passionate about what you do. SUPER!! If you are cool where you're at, thats fine.
This isn't FOR everyone but its meant to help ANYONE who wants it and GOES FOR IT.
That doesn't mean you need to sign up if you aren't interested in the opportunity, maybe you just love the product. GREAT! We love it too. But maybe it DOES mean signing up because loving it, and believing in it so easy -- so why not?
If you're already in this profession with the millions of others, do yourself a FAVOR and get REAL about it. Work on your skills! Don't hunt people down. Create real connections. If its all about you, no one will join you. Make it your mission to add value, and not expect people to buy something just because you posted your link on your profile. There's a better way to run your business and actually LOVE it so that people are flocking to you while you reach out to them!
Ok post and #RealTalk over!

Ciao babes and bros. <3 

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