Friday, February 19, 2016

How I've Earned a 25K Raise Per Year and YOU can TOO!

Yes, you read that right. Can I ask something without it coming off cocky? Ok good.

When was the LAST time you BLEW your own (#damn) mind?!

Up until I turned 21, I was pretty unimpressed with myself. Like really. realllllyyyyyyy. 

My mind was the opposite of blown. It was bored. 

I'm going to be as frank as possible here because I believe that authenticity is the FIRST step in building trust with you. Yes you, on the other side of the screen. My blog, my business and my team are my family, my baby, my purpose, and the reason I have started living my life to the fullest day in and day out.

That doesn't mean I'm jumping out of a plane every other day sky diving and jetting off to Bali (just yet), but it means I'm building a foundation of success that not only is progressing me and my team forward, BUT its also giving us BOATLOADS of fulfilling days and milestones to celebrate.

Like that one time we partied it up in Cancun with celebrity workout trainers. Or that time we were in Nashville getting the best of the best training from speakers like #DarrenHardy

Or that time we swam with sting rays in The Cayman Islands or went on a cruise to Honduras.

But aside the flashy moments, we are people just like you reading this, but the difference was that we decided to take our FATE into our heads and write the story of a lifetime. 

But lets rewind to that unimpressed part because I believe that you will relate more to my struggles than my success. That's just how the cookie crumbles. We all go through struggles, and I want you to know I had THE SAME opportunity you have right now. 

I had no special advantage. And up until I was in my early twenties, I skated through life. I didn't try hard in high school. I did what I needed to do in order to graduate and get by. Sure I had As and Bs, but that was good enough. The less work, the better. There was no Ivy league University carrot being dangled in front of me. So what did it matter?

Unimpressed with our education system (and still kinda am), I felt like I NEVER knew what I was actually GOOD at! I couldn't picture my future being stuffed into a 6x6 cubicle while I made the rich man richer and my life just stayed stagnant.

The idea literally made me sick. It gave me situational depression. And like most teens and young twenty somethings, I decided to waitress. Fast cash was necessary to pay the bills.

Except.... that mediocre mindset followed me from high school and into college... ALL 6 community colleges.

Have you ever repeated the 13th grade 6x? I HAVE! HA. Have you ever had debt? Well at 21, I racked up 22k of it and realized that I was severely unhappy and unfulfilled.

I was 20 pounds heavier then I needed to be, 22k in debt, 21 and pissed the EF off.

'What is my PURPOSE?' 

seemed like the only question I could ask myself during these darker times. 

While there is MORE to this story, and it all turned out for the best, my pain pushed me into my purpose.

I came across an opportunity, or rather it found its way to me, through a company called Beachbody. And since the day I decided to truly go ALL in and #NEVERGIVEUP, my life hasn't looked the same.

I've still experienced some dark times, but this opportunity been the one thing to catch me - its been my adventure seeker,  my safety net, my journey from Flab to Fab, and how I've been able to give myself an average of 25k raise every year since I joined.

It's been the catalyst to my own personal growth, how I rediscovered and defined my own faith, its provided a second family, and has shown me that I'm NOT mediocre, I'm EXTRAordinary!!

Whenever someone asks me what is the one decision I'm most proud of in the last 5 years, its without a doubt becoming my OWN boss/ becoming a coach, and growing myself personally.

I'm not sure about you, but an average of 25k a year in a raise you GIVE yourself is not a bad way to build foundational success for your future.

It's not the dollar amount that just blows my mind, its that I, Abby Marie, have gone from the girl I once was, to the woman I'm becoming and have truly dreamt of. 

There is nothing more gratifying than becoming the person you're not only MEANT to be, but the person you CHOOSE to be. 

BUT thats the key word... CHOOSE.. You now have the SAME choice to make. 

If you are ready to break out of mediocrity and embrace the person you not only dream of being, but are DESTINED to be, I encourage you to join me Tuesday February 23rd at 5:30 PST for a live webinar where I share the opportunity of not only helping yourself become your own boss, but how you can impact others lives through health and fitness. But its OH so much MORE than that.

The details are HERE - all you need to do is message me NOW so I can give you the link to jump on with us. Check out the event page posted below so you can get the log on details the day of!

Oh and PSST... this is what it's like to work anywhere you want, with who you want, when you want. I'm just blessed enough to do it with my best friends!

And while we're talkin' dough, just keep in mind that '"Beachbody does not guarantee any level of success or income from the Team Beachbody Coach Opportunity. Each Coach's income depends on his or her own efforts, diligence, and skill. See our Statement of Independent Coach Earnings located in the Coach Online Office for the most recent information on our Coaches' actual incomes." 

I look forward to sharing how I can help you on our Tuesday 

Webinar! See you soon! 




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