Sunday, January 10, 2016

What is Hammer and Chisel? Week 1 Down!

This is what I wanted as my blog title.. but seeing as its a bit long and obnoxious... I'm going to just put it up in BIG BOLD letters below. :)

Happy New Year, 2016 Improved Me, What I've been Up To Lately.. AND Hammer and Chisel Week 1 Review 

But I'll just leave that there. 

So WOW. Honestly, I've totally taken a side step away from my blog the last half of this year, from May - December. 

And for many reasons... 

Which felt right at the time and still do now... so I'm not getting back into blogging because I feel guilty, but because I genuinely MISS and ENJOY it. 

Partly because I've met some REALLY cool people from it. So many of the women that come across my page I end up connecting with on Facebook, and having real friendships with. And I'm TOTALLY honored for that!

And these friendships turned into business partnerships, fitness accountability, laughs, deep talks, and dreaming big together.

It's kind of like finding my tribe :) So I don't take it lightly when the READER reaches out and identifies with something on here. Your response to me also is an encouraging life raft among the sea of other blogs out there. 

So a lot of new cool stuff here! The last part of 2015 came with so much learning, patience, and more learning. haha. REALLY. 

And a lot of GREAT feelings and mind set that this year will be TRANSFORMATIONAL... which means getting comfortable with the always uncomfortable.. 

And I think part of that is LIVING BOLD and really giving EVERYDAY what you've got ... and somehow still balancing your priorities.. 

Its a whirlwind of fun, challenge, encouraging moments and miracles. But I honestly would not CHANGE it for the WORLD. 

I've been through some ISH this past year ... and I know you have too. I think we need to go ahead and accept and EMBRACE that because without it, clarity would be a fog...It's like this.. 

As long as you know you're enough, regardless of what shit comes your way, and that you will always RISE above, then remember that Life is in FAVOR for those who keep on dreaming and doing.  *even when you fail! especially then. 

Remind me to read this on a hard day ;-) Repetition is the mother of skill. 

Ok onto the review: 

So I haven't had a  had a jaw dropping transformation since T25... and lets face it (self) -- that was over two years ago. 21DF got me in GREAT shape but I was already in pretty decent shape before -- I still had areas to work on (and still do, isn't that the point??) so while I love 21DF just as much as T25 -- I feel that T25 was a BIG difference. Featured below:

I need a transformation Y'ALL!! So when Hammer and Chisel was announced this past summer, out of pure DUH, I knew I was going to order it. And here's why... 

21 Day Fix awesomeness meets
Body Beast awesomeness. 

Now Im a HUGE fan of both programs and trainers for various reasons, but the main ones: 

> Autumn LEANS you out. Woman has a skill - and her meal plan is fabulously easy. Best Core of my LIFE! 
> Sagi Kalev MAKES you want to lift some HEAVY shit! And he makes your muscles sexy while doing it. Best shoulders of my LIFE!! 

Now I get both. In one program. For 8 weeks. And you can too :) 

So I've officially finished Week 1 with my boo thang... and wow. It went like this:

First Day... alright I see you Autumn -- lower body destruction but in a really great way. 

Second and Third Day:  I'm not sure how Im suppose to walk for a few days... is this real from 30 minutes? ( I was literally shocked how SORE I was... I work out pretty hard)

Fourth Day: Im obeying the REST DAY rule, whereas before I just worked out non stop (not good by the way, the most change is during REST!) And I can't imagine walking. 

Sixth Day: This is some seriousness. I'm gana get ripped. 

Seventh Day: Whens my rest day again? 

So without further adieu ... here's some details:

Sagi, our body building PRO, and Autumn, although small, very intense bikini trainer, are masters of total-body transformation. And now they've teamed up to bring you The Master's Hammer and Chisel, an expert resistance training system that combines the three essential phases of muscle sculpting—Stabilization, Strength, and Power—to rapidly build, chisel, and refine your physique.

For 60 days, you'll perform workouts that incorporate all three phases, while fueling your body with Shakeology.

 With The Master's Hammer and Chisel and Shakeology Challenge Pack, you'll have ALL the tools—the expert resistance training and the ultimate nutrition—to sculpt the body you want to have. And trust me, my ass is getting sculpted. #HolyLunges 

To see the DVD's and science behind Hammer and Chisel, click here. 

Who's this FOR?

To be frank, which I try to be all the time, this program is for the experienced fitness guy or gal, those who have done the following; Body Beast, 21 Day Fix Extreme, 21 Day Fix, or any of the more intermediate/advanced programs by Beachbody.

What if I've never done a Beachbody program before?

Then I highly suggest starting with 21 Day Fix or the Extreme based on your fitness level. If you need help deciding, contact me here! or Visit my FB previewed on the side.  

What Equipment do you NEED?

Personally, I take my workouts to the gym, featured in one of the photos above. I am in LOVE with the gym, and didn't want to sacrifice my membership when they have all the space and equipment I need.

I'm not one of those coaches that thinks going to the gym is wrong either, I think its great to find motivation where it speaks to you! Thats why I LOVE Beachbody on Demand, you can stream your workouts with wifi on your computer, tablet or phone.

Do I get help with nutrition? I really struggle with that.

YES, if you decide to join my next Hammer and Chisel or open fitness challenge, you will get meal plan support from me through suggestions, my personal meal plans (I have a few), and tips and resources to explore nutrition.

The thing with nutrition is that its a state of learning, and trust me, if you want to feel good and look good, you'll want to pay some attention here!

Beachbody ALSO has a great blog on How to Meal Prep << This article is SUPER helpful!!

But besides that in the groups we share what we make at home, what tastes good but is still healthy... trust me, I like my pizza and brownies just like the next fitness fanatic and couch potato. We all CRAVE.

For those of you who are NEW to these containers, while they look small and Barbie size, keep in mind, your stomach is the SIZE of your FIST!! And most of us are eating a giants fist of food... said the girl who downed a ton of pizza and pasta this past Dec. in NYC (hey, it came with a few weeks of eating really good so I could indulge). I'm not a big seed person, so you may find that you don't use a certain container as much. Try to find a food item from that containers list to see what else you can sub in there.

Remember that it takes healthy FAT to burn BAD FAT! Good fats are avocados and EVOO/coconut oil! 

It may LOOK like you won't have that much food, but I wouldn't worry too much. BUT if you are a smaller girl like me (5'2) and don't have a ton to lose, maybe the last 10 or so pounds, you may be in the smallest container bracket (which is in your book) and have to adjust.

I know I definitely had an adjustment of a week of a little hunger pain at night, so just be strategic about when you eat. ANDDD if you're starving, go grab another apple. It won't hurt. I've shared some of what I ate above and will be uploading more through out my journey so check back!

Whether you're looking to build muscle, maintain, or get rid of fat (losing weight could mean muscle, and muscle is good to KEEP because it burns FAT faster AND keeps your metabolism high so you can keep burning fat), Hammer and Chisel has a few options based on your activity level outside the program.

Pages 4 and 5 in the Program and Nutrition Guide are there to help you calculate calories that translate into which bracket of containers you can have per day.

Activity level choices are sedentary (desk jobs), moderate (server or student), very active (labor jobs).

Here's a video about the 21 Day Fix Eating plan, which is similar to Hammer and Chisel.

And if you stick to the program, meal plan, and get in one of my accountability groups?

You can have some AMAZING 8 week results. And another option, you can choose to follow a Hammer (Sagi) calendar ONLY for 30 days OR you can follow the Chisel 30 day calendar with Autumn. But I suggest first time through, do the 60 days with US!

So to PAY IT FORWARD, here are my Day 1 Hammer and Chisel photos. I'm taking my progress photos tomorrow, and will have them uploaded later this week so stay tuned.

But for now, get inspired by some amazing results so far: First picture is my friend Ryann, she's awesome. Dedicated

I can't wait to see my OWN results! 

Day 1: 

But for now, its food shopping time! I need to make sure I hit my goals for our upcoming Beachbody cruise, my best friends Bachelorette party, a wedding, and just LIFE! 

Don't FORGET, to join my next Hammer and Chisel accountability group, just fill this OUT before you click away so you can reserve your spot and get your hammer and chisel tools ready! 




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