Friday, January 22, 2016

Protein Packed Pancakes

What is your relationship with FOOD?

My relationship with food has gone through a few cycles…the good, the bad, the ugly.
Food has been my abuse, means to an end, over indulge, fuel, obsession, #JustPizza
But in the last year I’m starting to really understand that it’s OK to LOVE to eat, but its learning to love WHAT you eat, and HOW it makes you feel, but more importantly WHY you should eat soul food.
And I don’t mean soul food as in sugary BBQ southern fare, although that is pretty soulful.
While there’s always ROOM for improvement, I am approaching food as an art to create the most beautiful ME! I’ve had years of teen acne, then early adult hood acne, to just in general - life acne. It really hasn’t gone away, and after years of health and food being a HUGE influence on my life with coaching, I’ve learned that FOOD is really just MEDICINE. It aids the body at what it does BEST, and that is HEAL.
Not only that, but I’ve been plagued with cluster headaches and migraines since sweet 16. Not so sweet though, trust me.
Along with that, awkward I - almost - look - pregnant - bloat. What is THAT? and WHERE does it come from?
So now when I eat, I LISTEN. And I don’t mean with my ears, although my digestive system is the equivalent of the garbage truck at 6am on Wednesday morning. Loud in the deafening early morning.
But I LISTEN. How is my body reacting? Do I have energy thats sustained or spiked than drained? Do I feel hungry after eating? Or do I feel just right? Did that piece of chicken just creep me out? What’s a better substitute for caffeine?
I just started at the Integrative Institute of Nutrition and it’s already got the wheels turning. I’m nervous how many food theories I will try for either days at a time or weeks .. maybe even a whole new lifestyle of eating.
But for now, my relationship with food has NO labels! Right now, I’m dating around to see what feels right.
And if that means whipping up pancakes, chugging cold pressed juice, downing Shakeology, and eating more LIVE (fast) food then so be it!

Lady girl will eat and drink just about anything, the cutest garbage disposal there ever was.

I just whipped up these #YUMMAY (say it like Tony Horton) protein packed pancakes. I may have cheated a little with the white chocolate chips, but hey live a little right?

Probably the best way to start a Friday.

You Need:

Dry : Mix in a bowl
> 3/4 cup of rolled oats - use blender to ground up but DO NOT make into powder type flour
> 1/2 cup of stone ground whole wheat flour (I am going to try this with almond flour or another healthier option)
> 3 tsp baking powder
> 1 scoop of protein powder - I used Quest Salted Carmel
Wet: Mix in the blender
> 3 tbsp of coconut oil heated
> 3/4 cup of warm water
> 1 egg
Optional Topping:
Organic fruit medley - I buy in bulk from Costco - strawberries, blackberries, raspberries, blueberries
White chocolate chips
Agave or Honey

Directions (although I think are pretty self explanatory if you have made pancakes)
Ground up rolled oats in blender. Don’t do TOO fine or blend too long.
Combine dry ingredients and blend the flours and baking powder.
Combine wet ingredients by heating coconut oil in a pan (I try to avoid microwaves more now) and then blending water, egg and coconut oil till its frothy.

I find that blenders make the wet ingredients frothy and this helps the mixture!

Add dry and wet ingredients in bowl and mix well.
Heat skillet with a little coconut oil, add batter and flip when bubbles surface on the pancake.
Garnish with chocolate chips, and fruit. Yes I said garnish, we fancy here at From Flab to Fab!

Bon Appetite, and make your Friday FABULOUS.

A little pancake porn for ya ;-)


  1. just want to know if I’m to use baking soda or baking powder?
    In the ingredients you say to use 3tsp of baking soda, but in your directions you say to
    blend the flours and baking powder.

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