Tuesday, September 1, 2015

You Are A Creator .. But What Is MY Purpose?

Hello friends :) Its been a  minute. I always seem to make my blogging comeback with a soulful approach to explain what goes on behind the scenes here at Wizard of Oz/Abby .. so I want to share a topic thats been burning in my heart and soul in hopes that I can reach you on a much deeper level that will leave you feeling elated. Journey with me from the depth of your heart to the height of your soul. So read on.


Five years ago I picked up the first personal growth book that would start me on a path to self betterment. Little did I know this path of self growth and development would lead to learning about my spiritual self, what I consider my real self.

How I got there was quite unconventional considering I grew up going to church every Sunday and felt torn between religion and faith. Funny to think that BUSINESS led me to spirituality...

All the accolades of someones life are wonderful achievements, but what lies under that strive for potential? It's the character behind the social masks we wear. The pure curiosity for fulfillment, to grow, change, explore, imagine, create, dream.

In my eyes, we're all souls bouncing around this Earth  in search of physical creations manifested through our thoughts, desires, beliefs and actions. Through our manifested experiences we create the life we're currently experiencing.. and the best part about it? We can actually choose to interpret or re-create different experiences.

BUT ... Before I realized this.. before my journey started 5 years ago, I felt like I was searching in the dark for a set of matches and a candle, blind. The determination was there and when I finally found the match and lit it, my surroundings illuminated.

For the last five years of this journey I have come to personally uncover the themes that stand boldly in front of the others... the ying/yang, ebb and flow, give and take of what I consider our life experiences. The sacrifice in achievement, risk in love, going sky diving even if you're afraid of heights kind of thing.

I've come to accept this exchange of value, there's always a choice, and that choice is all our own.

What do we believe? What do we WANT to believe in? What do we desire? What are we willing to risk on the journey? 


On this journey of purpose and self discovery, I find that concentrating on positive life experiences is KEY.

This intent to manifest the life you imagine will encourage synchronicities... aka 'coincidences'...

These little nudges are the signs along the road reading 'Keep going, you're getting there!" ... when you're thinking of your mom and she calls you, when you're dreaming of cake and its brought into work (seriously... that happens... HA!), when you need to move and the right place crops up.

                                          And there's that fickle topic of PURPOSE...                                                

Purpose is a funny thing isn't it? I say fickle because the philosophy behind purpose is extensive and opinionated. As it should be!

When I started to dive into personal growth through audio, books, seminars, countless hours of searching the internet, soulful phone calls with friends all over North America, I kept asking myself 'What in heavens name am I good at.. what is my purpose here?!"

While being totally honest here and bearing my soul to a computer screen, hoping that I make a connection on the other side, the sad pitiful answer I use to FEED on was 'Well, I'm not really good at anything...'

I held onto that for a loooonnggggggggg time. I was certainly GOOD at things, SURE... but purpose felt like the curtains had to be drawn back as I tap dance on the stage of life bearing one specific gift. And it sure as hell aint tap dancin' (although I wish I remembered the little bit I learned as a kid).

I remember feeling the lowest of lows. I stared at myself in the mirror. Lit candles. Laid on the ground and meditated. I had a feeling my purpose wasn't going to be handed to me or painted on a sign somewhere.

I prayed to God/the Universe (whatever you want to call it... I find that this omnipotent power goes by many names) to help me figure this out.

I realized I had to create it. How freeing. It's a choice, just like any other. Passion and purpose go hand in hand. So I asked myself a series of questions...

'what passions are rooted within the realms of my heart and soul?' ... ok maybe not THAT eloquently... ;-) 

'I have MANY passions, but which one will I choose to use during this time frame to not only fulfill me personally, but leave a legacy to impact others?'

'At the end of each day, what is the desired feeling I want to have about what I'm creating or doing?'

Many people are so quick to race to the answer, when the power of direction can lie in the question. 

When I learned THAT, I learned to ask better questions. Therefore, I started to get better answers.

 I started to work WITH myself instead of against myself. 

Do I get a gold star everyday for it? No. Some days are still harder than others... but they key to the lock is having the belief I create the life I want to experience. 

Learning to love myself unconditionally has been the most rewarding journey of all... because through that love comes creation and positive energy that will serve me IN purpose and ON purpose. 

To save this post from dragging on, I will conclude it here. If you found this helpful and want more of it, post below, send me a message or a virtual high five in the form on the right that pops up. 

I'm feeling a lot like Alice in Wonderland going down the rabbit hole of spirituality, so I'm going to hop onto the next task. 

Namaste folks <3 


  1. This is something I've thought about for a long time -- most of my life actually. I have a very strange list of skills and talents but for the longest time, I couldn't figure out my true "calling." It took a LOT of self-reflection and experimentation to let myself open up to the possibility that I have to take a real risk to light that fire. You know, face your fears, jump off that plane only to find out that you love to fly. Great post, great way to open up a very important channel of thought that I think way too many people ignore because they just kind of settle into the track they've been on from childhood. We all need to ask more and better questions to find our purpose and true beliefs.

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