Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Permanent Eye Brows - Review


Hi lovely ladies! I hope you all are doing FABULOUS... and if not, it's all about mind set. You're already fabulous, no need to try so hard. Just smile, show up and never give up! Simple!

Ok, so today on the blog... I've got a topic that Ive been wanting to share with you all for some time, but I've waited till post move. Yes, thats right. I moved, and I LOVE where I'm living now. My place is the cutest bungalow and my furry kids are enjoying the new digs, although no digging is allowed.

Let me start by saying, I HAVE eyebrows... they're just grey, sparse (ish) and I've always kind of of had a thing for strong eyebrow shape. Like many of you, I over plucked in my earlier days because I was concerned they were TOO busy. Pfft, and now?! Now the bushier the better! Oh if only I could go back to my bushy days.

I had fuller brows in 6th grade and, sadly just went to town with the tweezers and they never really grew back. Only a little bit with a few ointments, but what I was really after was fullness, beautiful shape and darker shade.

My natural hair color is an ash brown, like that trendy grey thats been in.  That's me naturally I believe, but then again, who knows with how many times I've changed my hair color in the last 5 years. Any other serial colorists out there? AKA what I prefer to call us, "UNICORNS" ;-)

So when my girlfriend told me about her latest experience with permanent eye brow coloring/tattooing, I wanted to see how LEGIT the results were.

I mean... tattooing your foot is one thing, but tatting your face is a different ball game. You want to be sure that you are 100% committed, did your research, and feel confident that its what you want long term as well.

So after seeing her results, and how much she loved taking one step out of the getting ready process, I was ALL EARS ... or ALL eye brows ;-) ... please tell me you love all my jokes! They crack me up.

Not only that, but imagine waking up and seeing your face shape even more highlighted because your brows are on point. Im a firm believer that your brows can make or break your face.

You've seen angry brows right? What about those that are far apart (kinda like mine)? Or the ones that are sharp edged? Or the tadpoles? We've seen em all, and its the difference between looking like a pulled together Megan Fox or straight from the trailer, overalls, and straw in the hair look...

So I went to see Daria up in Beverly Hills after obsessing (like every night) over the many transformations she shares on her online website and portfolio. She's an eye brow genius... oh and super pretty and sweet to boot.

I looked over her pre-care, and post - care while also reviewing other helpful info on her website. Which is HERE!

Some people may think thats a pretty penny to pay for eye brows, I think its an investment into having the look I want all day, all night. I personally am 100% satisfied and in love with my new brows.

The healing process was a BREEZE. As long as you follow her directions of no heavy sweating, no direct sunlight or tanning, avoid alcohol, no makeup, no water or lotions on the brows, etc. then you will heal just fine.

YES, they were definitely darker after the first week, but by the end of the first 10 days, my brows healed completely and the minimal scabbing was done. My new brows emerged and I fell in love! I have one touch up in July just to solidify the color, so I look forward to having them a bit darker.

Daria matched the perfect color, did the brow shape just as I would (and even better!!), and was very calm, and together.

If you have been thinking of permanent eye brows and you are in Southern California, I highly recommend checking out Daria's work. And NO, I'm not endorsed, I do NOT get a discount, so this is all authentic recommendations.

If you aren't in the area, I suggest looking for artists that use the same or similar technique as Daria for the most natural look. She prides herself on whats called manual micro stroking so that it looks just like hair. And I'm not kidding ladies, it looks real even when Im up close checking out my brows in the mirror.

If you have any questions please post below! Also check out my YT video for more of my experience =) If you've had your brows done and they look great, post where you got them done below so other women can benefit in YOUR area! Women helping women, one eyebrow at a time.

CIAO Bellas!


I just got my brows touched up and I LOVEEE <3 She did a great job and I'm excited for the finished result.

Also, see those sexy lashes? My friend and lash expert, Kristen Fernandez does them in LA if you are around Studio City! Here are my results! Go check out Beauty Boutique LA 

Thank you Kris! <3 XO!

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