Thursday, May 28, 2015

Dirty Diet? Clean It Up! Free 7 Day Eat Clean Accountability Group!

A few years ago I heard of the ‘Eat Clean Diet’ — and I’ll be honest, the name behooved me (great word, right?!) — I imagine cleaning supplies and apples. I know, sounds a little ridiculous but I was SO NEW to the world of eating right… I had a basic understanding that laid a shaky foundation to what I thought was a GOOD diet. 

I was eating brownies on the weekends, soda through out the week (mind you I thought I was doing the right thing by getting Diet Dr. Pepper, mmkkkayyyy. not good peeps, not good!), and spaghetti was cheap, easy and on the menu once a week. YIKES. 

So after putting on 20lbs of unwanted, ugly weight, my self esteem was starting to crash. The food I was eating made me moody, and I was intimidated to wear shorts in the heat of Florida summers at a calming 95 degrees. Going to Target to try on bikinis? Forget about it! Mirrors felt unforgiving.

That was no way to live. So I decided to go on the internet and do some research to see what solutions I could come up with.

&& I don’t know about you reading this, but if you look at the Standard American Diet — AKA SAD — its literally just that SAD. It’s a far cry from what we REALLY need to not just survive, but THRIVE!!

So I decided to do a little research, only to discover that there were so many dietary options, fads, lifestyles, great information, crappy information, diet pills galore, and quick fixes. 

To say it was overwhelming would be a huge understatement. I immediately felt intimidated, frustrated and wondered how I was going to get started with so many conflicting ideologies. I felt frustrated with the FDA after watching a few (ok a TON) of documentaries about America’s agriculture and how our food was being made.

This disgust led me to passionately pursue the TRUTH among lies! I wanted to know how I was going to FEEL good again! I was tired of being overweight, feeling like a moody little brat, and having sugar crashes every night due to my sugar high addiction.

So when I did my research on cleaning up our diets with whole foods, raw foods, and non processed options, I started to feel a light at the end of the tunnel.

There are SO many diseases and health ailments that are directly correlated to what we eat, ‘let food be thy medicine’ - Hippocrates

& I was worried that if I didnt take action soon, I would be one of those that faced a health issue that would last a lifetime.

And maybe YOU are already there, but there’s STILL hope. And that’s where this event page and invite comes in.. .whether you are trying to crawl your way out of years of food abuse, or you are just starting to get your feet (and forks) wet — my team of coaches and I want to invite you to our FREE 7 Day Clean Eating challenge in a private Facebook group. 

We will have several meal plan options, and we realize that many people follow different lifestyles - whether thats vegan, vegetarian, pescatarian, paleo, or you’re just looking for all around balance.

We’re NOT dieticians or nutritionists, we’re just folks like you who are looking for a solution that suits us best. And we want to pay that forward and have this group as accountability, guidance, and a place to converse about one of the most important aspects of life — EATING (you kinda need it to survive…)

So here’s the details:

> The Group is 7 days long, with a few days before hand to meal plan, prep and portion — its all about being prepared and on point!

> We will have a few meal plan suggestions and recipes you can take a look at and use! Or share what’s been working for you!

> The idea is to keep it clean, whole, the less processed the better, and keeping it simple.

> Helpful tips, fun activities, and group support to encourage you to utilize the next 7 days with a very clean meal plan.

If you would like to be apart to this free 7 day group held in an online private FB group, please CONTACT ME on FACEBOOK - or use the pop up on this page to message me! 

I run these once a month for personal accountability and to encourage those I care about to take care of themselves a little bit each month with focused intention! 



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