Thursday, December 4, 2014

My Current Hair Care Routine

About two months ago I realized that my lovely locks were suffering from dry weather, color damage overload, and hair tie abuse.

To me, my hair is like a man's penis. You may be shocked I just said the 'P' word... but we're all adults here (I hope at least...) and we all know that men take pride and joy in the family jewels.

Well, I feel the SAME EXACT WAY about my hair... its my pride and joy. But when it suffers, I suffer. Melodramatic sarcasm inserted here... (please don't take me TOO seriously... this blog is an inside look into my head and life, which  I try to keep fun and light)

So when I noticed my hair felt thinner, it was breaking off, and started to look a little lifeless... I had to take action. STAT.

So just like any normal woman, I went on Pinterest. DUH. Right? #KnowWhatImSayin ??

Sadly, I think people go on Pinterest and make some random crazy stuff up just to get hype... I mean who takes the time to cook bacon and then shave their legs with the grease... I still don't know if thats legit.

I new I needed THREE things...

1. a REALLY good hair mask - that wouldn't break the bank
2. Volumizing and thickening shampoo and conditioner
&& Clarifying Shampoo ** I have YET to pick a good one, suggestions WELCOME!

Normally I'm a bit of product snob when it comes to hair... like I said, its my pride and joy, but I was open to other products... and one MAY just surprise you!

So in my pursuit for fabulous locks again I did a little research (however I'm open to hear/read your products that you LOVE - just comment below! Sharing is caring ladies, empowerment for all!!) and here's what I grabbed...

1. HAIR MASK -- have you ever used coconut oil? If you haven't let me assist you out of the cave you've been living in... come... come into the light. Coconut oil has MANY MANY uses and one of my ALL time favorites is using it as a weekly hair mask. The BEST part? It's organic, cheap, diverse, and works like a CHARM... But make sure you get unrefined, organic coconut oil. I found a GIANT tub of it from Costco... It's SIMPLE.

Here's what you do:

  • Brush your hair out (dry is preferable... I've never done it wet) and you can section it into 4 pieces on your head.. 
  • Grab your coconut oil (remember to grab unrefined virgin, organic) and if it's not in a melted state, throw in the microwave OR just rub around in your hands and the friction/heat from your body will melt it... 
  • You can either start with the ends of your hair or your roots... I usually start with my roots because the heat from my scalp opens up the hair follicles. Then I brush it all out and make sure ALL my hair is coated in the oil. 
  • I leave it on from 30 minutes to even a few hours... Also, if you workout with the mask on your  hair, the heat helps open up you hair shaft so it can work itself deeper. *If you dye your hair, you can also use coconut oil to protect it and the color will still hold! 

2. Volumizing/Thickening Shampoo -- I bought THREE different shampoos. Obsessed? Totally. I have about 7 bottles of shampoo in my shower... I don't OVER shampoo my hair but I like to mix it up so that my hair doesn't get TOO use to a certain product.

  • Joico Body Luxe -- I LOVE this stuff.. quality product and you can find it at your local salon however, I usually score it at Marshalls and TJ Maxx for $16/bottle *I've heard that it can be expired or 'fake' so just be aware of that! 
  • Loreal Volume Filler -- normally I don't go for 'drug store' type products for my hair, but after seeing the reviews and hearing nothing but good things, I figured WHY not try it?! So far, I really like it! 
  • Mane 'n Tale Color Safe -- Horse Shampoo... who woulda thought right? Again, ditto the drug store comment above! HOWEVER I remember using this product back in high school and if my memory serves me right, my hair was long strong and had it going onnnnnnn back then. My coach and friend Allie reminded me how amazing it can be for hair growth and strength... & so far, I'm loving my hair again! 

I'm not a know it all when it comes to hair products and while I'm still working towards a more holistic approach to my health and well being (even my hair), these products have worked well for me the last two months. 

Even my other friend Lynda grabbed my hair (who is a hair stylist and owned a barber shop) commented on how STRONG my hair is. Why thank you Lynda <3 

I'm sure as I search for other products, I'll fall in love with something else.. but for now these work wonders. Between Shakeology, the coconut mask and shampoos, my hair is back to its fabulous self. 

If you have a product you SWEAR by or have been loyal to... lets hear it! This blog is a community to sharing, caring, and empowering women from the inside out! <3 

Ciao Bellas! <3 

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