Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Looking Back and Reflecting on the Past Year & Setting Goals for the New Year

I want to keep this blog short... aka micro blog... because I don't want to give you TONS and TONS to read, but instead plenty to think about, reflect on and be proud of.

2014 was an EPIC year... a year for travel, growth and growing pains, new friends, business adventures, creativity... you name it. But to get the MOST out of 2014, we ALL have to slow down and look back in order to move forward.

I'm going to share a few tips with you that have helped me get REALLY clear on goal setting for 2015 that actually SPEAK to your HEART and SOUL!

Mistakes When Setting Goals & How to Set Goals that REALLY Speak to You :

We ALL make mistakes, but I prefer to call them lessons to learn...  In previous years when it came to goal setting I was not looking back, not reflecting, and just going with what 'felt good' -- Yeah thats a great goal because 'thats what all the other girls/coaches are doing!' 'Oh, she's my age, and she's already accomplished ALL that? I better get on it!'

Goals look good on paper but they have to FEEL good in your heart. And many times I've made goals that I wondered why I was even doing them. Is it really for me? Or am I trying to impress people? Does it make MY heart skip a few beats or does it feel like follow the leader?

So here are a few common, easily fixed mistakes you can avoid and work on for the upcoming year!

  • MISTAKE: Setting goals while comparing to others goals -- "She's the same age as me and look at what she's accomplished, I should do that!" < Avoid comparing, it will steal your joy and take your focus off YOUR path
  • INSTEAD: Don't look at ANYONES goals until you have set your own. It's ok to be inspired by others, but remember this is YOUR life, YOUR path... it has to be beautiful and captivating for YOU. 
  • MISTAKE: Not setting time aside to break your year down quarterly and reviewing and reflecting on small and big accomplishments, lessons learned, milestones hit, personal feelings and well being.
  • INSTEAD: Go somewhere quiet... the beach, your room, the park... anywhere you can get some DOWN time... put on some music and then space out your months on paper... go through each and remember as best you can what happened during those time periods.. how did you feel? What did you do? What did you miss out on? 
  • MISTAKE: Your goals just look good on paper but don't TRULY excite you. 
  • INSTEAD: Stop worrying about what others are doing, what they may think, how hard it might be, and remember that this is YOUR life... your goals MUST speak to you heart and soul if you want be pulled and pushed towards your vision. 

So to get this goal party started you need to ask yourself some key questions especially if you want an amazing year, to reach new heights, not repeat mistakes and be proud when all is said and done! 

Remember that one of the MOST important part of reflecting and goal setting is that it comes from your heart and not your head... often times our head will compile lists of things we MUST do in order to be GREAT. Our head can often mislead our hearts and lead us feeling overwhelmed. 

Ask yourself, what do I TRULY value? What or Who do I want more time for? Maybe its yourself! Maybe it's your family or friends. 

Here's another fun visual that I created and followed for myself! 

I'm excited to hear your lessons learned and goals for 2015! I would be even MORE delighted if you posted them in the comments section and get this dream party going!

To a Fabulous Year my friends! We DESERVE it!

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