Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Zits on Zits... Honey and Lemon Blackhead Extract

Alright... this  is a sore topic for me so the fact that I'm bearing all here says that I truly value my followers ((YOU)) and will always put an authentic foot forward to encourage trust and honesty.

Sounded like a mission statement. hehe.

Alright so I'm on this birth control called Implanon -- its a 3 year birth control inserted in your arm (look it up, its AWESOME). I only get my period... maybe once every 4-6 months.. which is nothing short of amazing.

However, when I do PMS it's like a tornado or chocolate cravings and small breakouts.

And besides THAT... I've always had combination skin. Breakouts, oily... then dry.  My HS years were spent trying to figure out how to get rid of it. Part of me has accepted that its genetic and might be this way until I'm 30 or so.

I've tried quite a few products and I'm always looking for more natural ways to address this issue *So if you have any tips -- I'm all ears!

I know that it goes farther than skin deep, but when you need to attack the scene of the crime... you gotta do it swift and quick! No one wants to walk around with a huge zit on their neck or cheek at 25 years old. The teen years are OVER.

Acne is part hormones, part dirt, part genetics, part of life. But it doesn't have to take over your life.

So a few years back when I joined Pinterest I saw this quick blemish remedy. I just passed it off like all the other Pinterest "gimmicks" out there ((like shaving your legs with bacon grease... but that could be pretty good... never done it!)

However, today I'm very much over this teeny bopper break out. I don't have the BEST skin in the world, and it could be a lot worse, BUT my skin is important to me. I want to feel and look good, and not hide behind my house or makeup.

Speaking of which, I RARELY wear makeup on my face... simply because... well, the less steps the better and I'm trying to hone in on the 'all natural' look. And most makeup just clogs my pores, and as you can tell, I've got enough of that going on for today.

So here's my BEFORE and AFTER... I plan on giving it another go tonight before bed. So I will be sure to update you as it gets better.

As you can tell in the first pic, my skin looks red and congested... I took these pics in the EXACT same spot in my house so its not necessarily lighting. And I did NOT adjust the pictures AT ALL.

In the second picture you can certainly see the difference... and looking at it again now, they're already better than whats posted here.

Here's what ya do:

All you need to do is cut a lemon in half, add 3-4 drops of honey and then massage it around your face/into your skin, and leave it on for 5 minutes. Then with a wash cloth and hot steamy water, wipe away the honey and lemon. Then turn it to COLD water and pat your face down again with the cloth... that way it can minimize redness and 'close' your pores. Make sure to pull your hair back... or else its like having gum in your hair. YIKES.

I would LOVE to see YOUR before and afters, so snap a few and then share them in the comments! Ladies, we gotta work together and help one another <3 Life is meant to be shared!

Again, I will be sure to update this as I continue using this method to get rid of the Montana sized blemish on my neck and cheek. This was not the FUNNEST blog to write... but I hope it helps someone!

You can pretend to be perfect, or you can just be yourself. Flaws and all. Besides, isn't perfection an illusion??



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